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"Hungary is a brittle high power!"

The Leonardo program is an internship program which focuses on mobility, and its main aim is making training experts and creating the freedom of competency in Europe. No, it is not only for doctors and lawyers, it is even for confectioners!

László Rimóczi, a confectioner from Lajosmizse had the opportunity to visit Germany within the framework of Leonaordo Program recently, where he participated not only in professional seminars but could also visit factories, manufactories and confectionery industry fairs. He also gained a lot of experience in his field, the brittle making, insomuch that after returning home, he founded his own business, which can provide a unique experience to chocolate and brittle lovers of in the whole country. It alsopresents memorable souvenirs for tourists who are visiting Hungary. The Hungarian master of brittle told us about the journey in Germany, his future plans, about the brittle itself and its Hungarian traditions.


Where have you heard about the Leonardo program, what was your motivation to apply?

I read about it on the website of the confectioner guild, and I thought I have to apply for sure to expand my professional knowledge and get to know new trends.


What were your most important experiences during the German journey? Is there anything which you make in a different way during your everyday work due to your new knowledge?


I was surprised that they also use much brittle; however, they don’t make statues of them. They usually make almond brittle, which I took over, too, and I use it in my assortment when I make chocolate-almond brittle, the "florentiner”.


I also experienced that as everywhere, their patriotism appears also in confectionery. This easily infected me, too, so during the field trip in Germany, I also created the brittle named „Lajosmizse’s Taste”, which I prepare by using only local products and hallmark it with the coat-of-arms of my hometown.


Everyone imagines the confectioner profession as a mainly practical profession. How much is it a theoretical activity?


This is also a theoretical profession in a very big part: you have to dedicate a lot of attention to the organization of work. Besides this, for example, preparing a new product needs a lot of mental work before the concrete practical tasks, to be able to create the best product.


What is the biggest recognition for a confectioner, and what is the most desired professional success?


First of all, the satisfied and returning guest. Besides this, for me, it is very important to put a lasting product on the table of which the city of Lajosmizse and the confectioner profession can be proud. That’s why I founded the Hungarian Brittle Association since it’s not enough to gain the knowledge. We also have to pass it to our successors!


By the way, what is brittle? How would you define it?


According to the “Dictionary of foreign words and phrases,” brittle (or grillage) is a word of French origin, which means candy made of butter mixed with molten sugar, chopped hazelnuts, almond or walnuts, thinly stretched, dried at room temperature. In Hungary, brittle appeared as a medicine. In the therapies of the folk, it was used against cough and sore throat. Since King Matthias, however. it has also been used as the worthy ornament of wedding tables. According to the tradition, brittle is the cake of the fiancé, and to the more pieces the young couple breaks it, that more happy years they will spend together. So it functions as a luck bringing thing.Who doesn’t remember for example the New Year’s Eve’s brittle pigs?

Which nations can be called brittle high power? Where is Hungary in this field?


Hungary is certainly a brittle high power because nowhere else in the world aresuch gorgeous brittle statues  and competition pieces are created every year. It is all done at the Brittle May Day, where else than at Lajosmizse?


Which are your plans with your enterprise for the next year?


It’s certainly the development of Rimóczi-Art Chocolate and Brittle Salon, which is already unique in the country. I would like to create a reputation and awareness which can make the shop even a tourist attraction. We also hosted many groups last year, we prepared with a brittle presentation and chocolate tasting for them. We see it now that this combination can bravely called a Hungaricum. We would like to further strengthen this line


Dániel Szőke


Translated by Ildikó Zubály


Pictures are from the Facebook page of Rimóczi Art Csokoládé Grillázs.



Published: Sun, 08/02/2015 - 12:20

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