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Erasmus Expo – Europe comes to you!

Erasmus Expo - És Te hova mész?
Erasmus Expo - És Te hova mész?
The Antall József Knowledge Centre will organize the Erasmus Expo on the 13th November 2013 for the second time. We talked with Mirtill Megyeri, one of the organizers.

What kind of event is the Erasmus Expo? Why is it unique?

The motto of the event is “Europe comes to you!”, which shows that our goal was to organize a unique program, in which students can meet the representatives of the different states and as well they can get practical advices for their Erasmus application.


There were stands for most of the states of the European Higher Education Area, where former Erasmus students, foreign students studying in Hungary, people from the Permanent Representation of the exact states and foreigners from different Hungarian institutions answered the questions of the interested visitors.


What experiences did you gain during the Erasmus Expo last year?

Last year the Expo was really successful, a lot of students were interested in it. In our opinion and according to the feedback, we managed to reach our goals: we provided an opportunity for getting information for as much people as possible, we connected interested students with former Erasmus students and with the Representation of the states and last, but not least we encouraged university students to learn abroad and gain experiences with the Erasmus Programme.


There are many anomalies about the programmes of the higher education, including the Erasmus Programme. University students know that Erasmus exists and that it means a life-changing experience both in their professional and in their private life. However they are not brave enough to apply and spend a semester abroad or sometimes they don’t have enough practical knowledge to make a good decision.


The Expo gives the students an opportunity to make a more considered and optimal decision for themselves and as well they can experience the Erasmus lifestyle on the spot.


Were there any difficulties last year, which made you change something in the Expo?

We didn’t experience those kinds of difficulties, which would make us change the concept of the Expo. Of course, we would like to broaden the profile of event and reach to more students. However we faced many difficulties, which we won’t have to this year.


The biggest difficulty was to contact all of the Representations of the target countries. We contacted every Hungarian Representation and Cultural Centre of the European Higher Education Area and asked for their cooperation in order to have the most coherent information related to the concerned states.


What will be different in the Expo this year? What kind of specialities can the visitors expect?

The programs will be more colorful and the opening hours will be longer. There will be a corner, where visitors can ask their questions from the experts of the Tempus Public Foundation and get information about the Erasmus+ Programme as well, while sitting in bean bag chair.


What are your expectations about the outcomes of the second Erasmus Expo?

I expect more interested young people, who will make a decision in favor of applying for Erasmus, which would mean a life-changing experience for them.


On the 13th of November Europe will come to you again!


Translated by Ágnes Fülep based on the article of Balázs Tibor Balázs