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These 19 sites will surely be useful during your student years

When you start school, you have no idea how many unexpected problems will come your way. The Internet can help you with these as well, as there are many useful websites that are designed to help you deal with different situations.

Google is your friend, goes the saying, when you need some information quickly. This is true; nowadays, on the internet, you can find an answer to almost every question. You can count on it if you are stuck with your studies, if you need financial help or if you want to live a healthy life. Here you will find a selection of these. 




My money: On this website, you can find information on financial issues written in a simple and intelligible manner. You can find tips on how to save money, information on bank accounts and up-to-date news as well. 


Mint: What would be a better time to learn how to deal with one’s finances than during their student years? This excellent free app helps you use your money wisely. 




Webbeteg: You can get reliable information on various sicknesses as well as on healthy lifestyle from medical doctors.


HáziPatika: Besides being physically fit, it is important to look after our mental well-being as well. On this website, you can find the symptoms of a variety of illnesses. 


However, these websites can only offer help in certain situations, but you should definitely visit your GP with more serious symptoms.


Habitica: It is actually a videogame that helps you improve your real life habits by representing your daily chores in the form of monsters; if you defeat them, you can get ahead in the game. 


Buy and sell: You can purchase Hungarian craft products here and learn how to produce unique gifts and accessories cheaply. 


Diákoldal: You can not only buy your necessary course books and notes at a cheaper price but also browse amongst private tutors and students jobs. What’s more, you can also earn money by selling your old books! 




Spelling mta: The spellcheck portal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences can be of help to those having to write assignments, a thesis or create a presentation. 


Duolingo: This is a website that promotes language learning; here, you can complete modules to be able to access the harder levels. In each module, you can test your listening, pronunciation and translation skills and practice with the help of a multiple choice quiz. You gain points for the good answers, but the bad ones must be repeated. 


Sztaki: The SZTAKI dictionary of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was the first free dictionary provided amongst the interactive services of the Hungarian web. Originally, it was an English-Hungarian dictionary, but today it is available in a variety of languages. 


Eduline: The website provides useful information about education not only for college and university students but also for those in secondary school, for example the points required to be gained to be accepted at university or which school suits your needs the best. 


Typing: Nowadays everybody can type fast, but if you want to be really outstanding, you can learn the skill of blind typing, with the help of which you can save a lot of time when working on an assignment.


5 perc angol: It is a Hungarian website where you can practise your English with different topics every week. 


Gyakornokvadász: This website significantly simplifies the hassle that comes with looking for work as it lets you browse amongst thematically selected internship positions. 


Frissdiplomás: If you are preparing for a job interview or if you are about to write your CV, but you don’t know how to get started, then this site was made for you! Frissdiplomás is a career portal where you can find career advice complied with young people in mind as well as current job offers and job expos. 


Other useful websites:


Alarm clock: This is an online alarm clock that guarantees that you will wake up in the morning in case you fall asleep in front of the computer. From the many songs that you can choose, you can for example wake up to the enchanting tunes of Nyancat. 


Which week is it? és What day is it?: If you don’t want to miss your deadlines, or if you have got lost in the labyrinth of the exam period, then these two sites were made for you. 


Sára Serestyén


Translated by Judit Molnár


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Published: Mon, 12/12/2016 - 21:26

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