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Drop’pin @ Eures: jobless but not hopeless!

An enormous gap – this is what many young people see between their university studies and a full-time job relevant to their degree. This is what the website of EURES Drop’pin tries to change by enhancing the employability of the youth.

Foreign languages? Teamwork? Professional experience? Communication skills? Self-confidence? These are all basic requirements when it comes to a job interview nowadays. But what can those do who do not own some of these key competences?


The EURES – the network promoting the unobstructed flow of information related to the freedom to work within the EU member states – has found the solution! On its recently created website called Drop’pin it promotes the visibility of those projects that help young people improve their employability and which were hardly or not at all accessible before. To achieve this, EURES provides organizations working in this field with a communication platform so that they can directly reach the youth.


There are six basic categories established for the offers available on Drop’pin. Currently, the most popular is the internship/traineeship section, where different organizations can register and give those who are competent the opportunity to learn at their company. Since businesses do not have to fulfill any requirements to be able to promote their positions on this site, the majority of the offers are nonpaid jobs based on voluntary work – but it doesn’t mean that you cannot find some very good deals. Apart from that, there are separate categories for voluntary work and vocational training, but practically the offers published in these groups largely overlap each other.


It is also worth checking the scholarships offered under the “support possibilities” menu, because, thanks to EURES, there are several opportunities which may be useful for everyone looking for a job abroad. For example, now there is an application that allows the winner to recover the travel expenses of an overseas job interview or, if it is certified that all that the winner needs for an overseas job is a language exam, the EURES covers the language course fees up to €1200.


Among the well-known EU training forms there is a category never seen before in such context: job seekers wishing to develop their competences can look for a personal trainer or mentor. It means that a professional will analyze what a potential employer may miss from our CV and he/she helps to acquire these missing skills and experiences or directs us to a place where we can obtain them.


However, this website is more than a simple portal where one shares advertisements. It gives space to young people seeking for a job and to those who have already successfully found their way out of the labyrinth of job search – by sharing their experiences they can not only support and inspire the less lucky ones but give practical advice to their fellows. By telling them how exactly they managed to get their dream job, they may draw other people’s attention to opportunities they have never thought of before.


The European Commission launched the website in the first months of 2015, so it is still in its early stages and there are only few offers in each category. However, things will certainly change in the near future, and EURES hopes that with their webpage many youngsters will have the opportunity to acquire the skills they need to triumphantly enter the job market.


Written by Molnár Judit

Translated by Mária Kenesei


Photo: GotCredit





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