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No Hate Speech Movement Official Campaign Video with Hungarian Subtitles

Racism, discrimination and hate is all over Europe. In order to end them, we need to change. The best way for that is to think and act in community level: No Hate Speech Movement is about that.


No Hate Speech Movement

Due to this project the Council of Europe includes young people between 2012 and 2014 to combat online hate speech. The main goal of the campaign is to fight the online forms of racism and discrimination. They try to make youth organizations to act against this kind of offence of human rights.


This is an EU-level campaign and some of the member states of the Council of Europe take part in it. The participant countries formed Campaign Committees. With the help of the resources and tools they work on preventing the spread of online hate speech and raising the attention of youngsters to the message and importance of the campaign.


Why do we need this campaign?

Racism, namely every discrimination, which is based on racial, ethnic, national identity or religious, linguistic, cultural differences strongly offends human rights. We have to fight against it with every legal tool. In order to do that it is essential to think and act in a community level.


The No Hate Speech Movement gives an excellent opportunity for that, in a way of using the most important communication tool, the internet and the social networks. It makes youngsters the key figures. It gives them an opportunity to end the conflicts and provide new, alternative solutions. This kind of initiative is really unique.


Why young people?

Today’s generation face the present and past of their ancestors. They have opinion and they are not afraid to tell it. They can provide a totally new perspective for the future generation. They have much more opportunities and tools, which they can use and they can raise as well their voice against injustice.


They are included since March through an online platform. The campaign provides youngsters skills to recognize the violation of human rights and to handle them in the right way. This helps them to be able to act in the proper way if they witness a violation.


Where does the campaign take place?

You can find more information about the campaign itself and about the messages of young people on the online platform of the No Hate Speech Movement.


Young people make this website more colorful through their own ideas and contents, through which they make their views and emotions about hate speech public. At the same place we can even find information about what hate speech is exactly. Young moderators protect the values of the campaign on that platform as well.


The question is how the message of the campaign reaches those communities and people, who don’t have internet connection and who are not part of any social networks. For a campaign which aims to reach wide range of people it is essential to work on solutions, which make youngsters to arrange “offline” actions as well.


Successful actions in Hungary


There were many actions in Hungary, realized in the framework of No Hate Speech Movement, for example the European Local Democracy Week or the International Day of Peace. Besides them there were many action days and debate forums. The diversity of the programmes provided an opportunity for new methods, sources and as well to build connections, which made the campaign more successful.


You should be there on the 9th of November!

The Movement organizes another event: the topic of the action day is the fight against fascism and anti-Semitism. They aim to raise everybody’s attention to act against every forms of neo-Nazi, fascist or discriminative movements and to act for human rights in online or offline way everywhere in Europe. The motto of the action day is “Never Again Fascism! Never Again!”


In order to end the current moral crisis and prevent the spread of hate, we need to act together. The opportunity is in our hands to make a change together. Join so nobody will have to fear because his/her origin. We should act together in order to have a better, more livable Europe, where equality and acceptance is not a privilege, but rather everyone’s right!

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