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Europe for citizens - citizens for Europe

Every place was occupied and every question was answered. Approximately 200 persons took part in the Europe for citizens – citizens for Europe Conference, which was organized as a special event of the European Year of Citizens.

The Europe for citizens – citizens for Europe Conference was organized with a great success on the 16th of October in Hotel Benczúr in Budapest. Among press, interested people about the topic, delegates from the Ministries, from educational institutions and from organizations working with volunteers as well the former participants of the Europe for citizens project took part in the Conference. The aim of the organizer, Tempus Public Foundation was to present the best practices and the results of the project, and as well for the former participants of the project to share their valuable experiences.


The basics of every project, one Programme

Europe for citizens is the programme of the European Commission from 2007 to 2013. Its role is to connect citizens to the EU. The active participation of the citizens is essential in the community building in the EU. That’s why the programme supports the cooperation of the citizens of different states in the framework of common projects in order to meet, act together and realize their own projects about the multicultural Europe. We could even get to know some of these projects at the Conference, since Hungarian participants of different projects were invited.


We talked with each other, about each other, from this side of Europe and about us from the point of view of Europe

The Tempus Public Foundation facilitates the Hungarian educational, training and Research and Development sector, and as well the Human Resources to be able to find the opportunities provided by the European integration. According to their aim the Foundation coordinates the Hungarian and international application programs, provides trainings and as well professional support. They also manage Hungarian and international educational and training programs, provide different trainings in the field of EU Funds and as well have a role of knowledge centre. The Foundation also organizes conferences, with great success rate. Even the programme of the Europe for citizens – citizens for Europe Conference in itself promised us an amazing and interactive talk for the whole day. I think nobody was disappointed. The participants had questions already during the opening speech. In this country, in these people there were and there are questions! They have answers and solutions as well! People asked more and more exciting and thoughtful questions. They raised the following topics: the responsibility of the media, self-definition, definition of being Hungarian, patriotism, being Hungarian, being European, cooperation, money and as well power. They even mentioned the field of show business, marketing and sustainability. So we talked with each other, about each other, from the side of Europe and about us from the point of view of Europe.


Not just Hungarian, European as well

We could take part in different workshops in the second part of the Conference. There were four groups, in which people discussed their opinions as European citizens. Not only the Hungarian results were presented, but as well the European ones. We could hear solutions as well for the Hungarian and the European current problems.


In October, it is October right? 16th was a Wednesday, but which year? I mean in the EU…

The EU pronounced 2013 as the Year of European Citizens. According to the report of the European Commission about EU citizenship from 2010, the EU citizens don’t use their opportunities provided by their rights fully, since they don’t even know their own rights. The aim of this thematic year is to promote these rights. Another aim is to have a dialogue between the governments, civil society and the businesses. In the events and conferences organized in the framework of the Year of European Citizens the participants can discuss the situation of the EU rights and they can create a view about how the EU should look like in 2020.

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