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Housework as a hobby?

Yes, there are some people, who want to help others like that. The 9 enthusiastic volunteers of the initiative called “We do it instead of you” help anyone to do the housework for free. Interview with Attila Horváth and Gergely Csillag about the reasons.

Cleaning the dishes, walking the dog, working in the garden, shopping… Did I miss something out? Which one is the most popular?

Attila: You said everything what we do. Most often people call us to work in the garden or to help them moving out.


How did the idea come?

Attila: There was a similar initiative in Budapest, since our friend from Budapest, Koppány Mangel, does this, but he cleans only the dishes. We expanded that with works in the garden and around the house. Gergő read it, that it is really successful in Germany and even Koppány was on the news.


What was your most unusual, most extreme job so far?

Attila: The most extreme was at the same time our first job in Kisújbánya. We had to bring 6 steres of alluvium from a demolished house in a wheelbarrow to a mound. The mound was 300 metres long and the 4 of us finished it in 12 hours. They didn’t even believe that we would be able to do it. This was a really big trial for us.


What do you usually get for you work? You don’t accept money, then why do you do it?

Attila: We don’t ask for anything, however people give us for example lunch without a word. We don’t ask for money and we can’t accept it. It can happen that we get a smaller object. Once we got a wellness ticket for example. We do it to help others and to show people that there are job opportunities.


But it matters whether you get payment or not!

Attila: Yes, it does, however most of the people thinks that there isn’t any jobs in Hungary. In abroad people treat volunteer work positively. They honour those who work for free and who help others. I work to help, I did that before and I will continue doing that. I can’t get by from this, but for me it’s rather a hobby.


Gergő: On the long term its worth for us, as we build connections. It doesn’t lead directly to profit, but gaining experience is crucial as well. For example if we didn’t start this, I would have never take chainsaw in my hands in order to cut a 7 metres high pine.


What was the weirdest thing you got so far for your work?

Attila: Maybe when we had to sort out a garage. What we liked from the objects, we could bring home. We found old Hungarian cards, tray for beers and even a thermometer, with which you can measure the alcohol level of the drinks.


What did your parents and friends say about your job?

Attila: The first reaction of my mom was that it’s no use doing it. On the other hand, my father thought it’s not a bad idea, he supported us. Finally my mother changed her opinion, since then both of them think that I can profit from this later. Some of my friends thought that we are crazy, because we work for free. Most of them though think it’s really cool. Of course they would never work for free.


Your group has more volunteers. How do you decide who get an exact job?

Attila: Well, first, the person who has time. Secondly, we consider what kind of job it is. We send girls for cleaning and we go for some physical work. Of course if we have to cut a tree, we won’t send a girl.


Are there any followers of your idea? Did your initiative spread in Hungary?

Attila: Yes. We got many e-mails from towns like Dunakeszi, Kaposvár, Sopron and Szombathely, that they want to do what we do. In Kaposvár and in Dunakeszi they have already started it. I hope that in some months it will spread even more.


Later you have to earn your wages! How long do you want to continue this initiative?

Attila: As long as there’s a demand for it. Don’t worry, there’s enough work to do. We get offers constantly to go and help. Now we can work only weekends because of the school. Last weekend for example we had 6 works. When an article appears about us or we are on the radio or on TV, more people contact us.