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Do you want to travel and see the world? Would you like to learn more about yourself and your limits? Do you want to show everyone what you are really capable of? Then welcome to the Youth for a Livable Countryside Association!


The Youth for a Livable Countryside Association (in Hungarian: Fiatalok a Vidékért Egyesület — FIVE) was established to promote the participation of young people in international, non-formal learning mobility projects. This is an independent, non-profit, grassroots association, not influenced by any ideology, established by some students of agronomy in Gödöllő, in 1999. 

Today, in the 21st century, there is a growing number of talented youth waiting for someone to recognize them and help them fulfill their potential. FIVE believes that this is one of the basic necessities of the young, therefore they create those opportunities for them which ensure their learning and give them the possibility to show the world what they are made of — all this apart from formal education.

They manage educational projects which: have a practical side and a concrete, physical realization; focus on children or young people; promote a healthy and active lifestyle; respect knowledge and values grounded in traditions, yet wish to innovate and reconsider old things at the same time. While doing so, they always keep in mind their major principle that is based on the importance of rural life, subsistence-farming, self-care, and the indispensability of small communities.


Projects that bring us closer to each other and to the world

There are as many fields of interest as people, but all of them has a common point: the thirst for knowledge. For the association, it is only of secondary importance what participants learn during the projects; the most vital factor is how they learn it because this is what determines whether they will be able to use this knowledge in their later career.

Their programs are intensive, effective, and very popular among the young. Those who participate will experience not only the excitement of the journey but can try new things out as well while discovering the cultural diversity of the world. Independent life and management may give volunteers the opportunity to achieve their goals, and they can also get great ideas about how to realize them. They can try their hand at a new profession, broaden their horizons, acquire new skills, share their opinion, become part of a community, and learn languages. They may join a real adventure, serve a good cause and help others, thus showing how much they are worth.


As a volunteer in Europe

 “Volunteering has taught me to be persistent and find another way out if I walk into a wall. I’m more and more positive that the work I am doing here has value and it will get me a job and even more friends and appreciation in the long run.” /Csilla Lengyel, EVS volunteer from Portugal/

Since 2001, the Association has sent about 150 youths on long-term service at the European Voluntary Service.

The most typical destinations of our volunteers: Scandinavia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany. 


From the moment of their application, the Association maintains a close relationship with the volunteers, offering them full-scale help and information related to their EVS application, be it individual counselling, a piece of advice on how to write a CV/a letter of motivation, or the provision of information about their visit. Volunteering is a journey into yourself. The personal development participants undergo may reveal such abilities and knowledge which, so far, have remained hidden from them. The most important thing is that during their stay they get a chance to find their life goals and obtain those skills which are needed to accomplish them; to make their dreams come true. To put it simply, they will have the means to prevail and succeed in life.


With the support of the National Cooperation Fund, several developments were carried out in 2014, further facilitating the work with EVS volunteers as well as their training. There are special manuals at young people’s disposal that offer them further help to prepare their first personal document of introduction and which introduce them to the world of EVS step by step, from meeting the organization for the first time to the activities awaiting them after returning home.


The Association personally follows every single volunteer’s activity during the whole EVS project which means getting in touch with them on a weekly basis.

Make your dreams come true and contact the Youth for a Livable Countryside Association!


Written by ZsófiaTupi

Translated by Mária Kenesei