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Discover the world and learn while camping!

Do you like camping? Exploring new places? Do you say yes to volunteering? Well, your time has come! Apply for a place in the camps organized by the “Egyesek” and your dreams will come true!

“Travel around the World” with the “EGYESEK”


The Egyesek Youth Association is a group of youth, volunteers, youth workers, and trainers. Using the tool of personal experience, they want to inspire and confirm young people in their belief that they should do something for themselves and for their communities in a creative and responsible way.

Their activity is centered on the personal development and formation of the youth and young adults, both in a national and international environment. This is achieved within the framework of youth exchange programs, youth leader trainings, summer camps, and thematic weekends where they support and stress the importance of volunteering combined with learning and self-improvement.


One thing is sure: those who participate at a camp or try volunteering out will not be disappointed. These young people will not only gain experience but they will acquire those competences as well which help the development of their self-awareness and their ability to connect and to build a community — not mentioning that it also promotes the establishment of a wider array of communication tools.


Furthermore, camps of international mobility and workcamps contribute to the gathering of intercultural experience, the creation of international connections, to their sustainment and intensification. Last but not least, they help social integration as well.


For further information check the association’s website:



Improve, learn, camp


“I can only encourage those who have never experienced something similar or are hesitating. Give it a try! Of course, spending several months abroad does not go without problems, but the knowledge you get there, the friendships you make, your experiences, the trips are totally worth it. As I can see, the most important thing is to remain open in all situations, be flexible, and do not stick to your plans too much in order to make the most of this shorter-longer period of time. (Reminiscences of Annamária Nagy of the months spent in Marseille)


Annamária spent nine months in Marseille, Northern France in 2013. During this time she got to know the French, the city with its special atmosphere, and the colorful, multicultural whirl there.

That year Marseille was the European Capital of Culture, so Annamária, along with nine fellow volunteers, worked on the Marseille-Provence cultural metropolitan project and each of them had a previously assigned scope of duties. The dream of Annamária Nagy was to try her hand at something new as an economist, and as the head of communications and website this dream came true.


Annamária is just one out of the many lucky volunteers who reported on her positive experiences related to her EVS journey. Why shouldn’t be you the next one?


Would you like to spend the summer abroad, to travel and meet adventurers like you? Do you want to work in an international team, help others, and have fun in the meantime? Then don’t hesitate! Thousands of work camps are waiting for your application worldwide! Travel, see the globe, and get friends from abroad while contributing to the development of the local community!


With the help of “Egyesek Ifjúsági Egyesület” (Egyesek Youth Association) you get the chance to participate at shorter (2-4 weeks) and longer (a few months) camps in practically any point of the world. The camps’ themes are very colorful: from rescuing turtles or renovating castles to organizing festivals or teaching English to children you can join practically any kind of activity!

It is vital that everybody test their skills in an international environment, because this is what can really help to learn how to live your own life, alone, with nobody to count on.  You can gain experience related to the world of work. During such a program, you may learn much more about the culture of a given country, about the environment and the population there since you are surrounded by local people. If you join our program, it is less likely that you will be grouped together with volunteers of the same age or nationality as you, and an even bigger benefit is that you can do things you’ve never had the chance to try before.


The aim is to create some value and to have a good time, of course. Whatever appeals to you, you certainly will find something interesting at the Egyesek Youth Association!  Learning languages and gathering experience in an unknown environment are not the only advantages you may profit from — the possibility to develop your skills and abilities will also be useful when it comes to the labor market!


Financial issues? You don’t have to worry about them. Your accommodation and meals are provided, the only thing you have to pay for is travel.


You can find more information on the association’s website:

If you have any questions, write to Anna Dupák:


Written by Zsófia Tupi.

Translated by Mária Kenesei.


Published: Wed, 19/08/2015 - 11:15

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