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Clothes that grow with children – recent European innovations

A few-month-old child needs new clothes almost each month. This is neither economic, nor ecologic. 24-year-old Ryan Yasin has a solution now: he invented origami clothes. And this is just one example from the most recent European solutions.


Environmentally responsible fashion industry: just a utopia or a real possibility?

Nowadays we live in a world of intelligent textiles, illuminating clothes and several innovations in the fashion industry – but the biggest problem has not been solved yet. What is the area where a development is needed? Right now, the fashion and textile industry is the second most polluting industry. This means it is high time for the leading companies to start thinking responsibly about the environment.

Luckily, some have already taken this issue into consideration. Thanks to their enthusiasm we now have bags made of fruit leftovers, and clothes created from seaweed. This year, a similarly original innovation won the James Dyson award: the so-called origami clothes. Let’s see how the idea was born and what is the real use of this clever solutions.


From engineering to design

Ryan Yasin came up with the idea as a student of the Royal College of Art, but he also used some knowledge that he acquired earlier, since he got a degree in aeronautical engineering before becoming a designer. Besides his technological and designer skills, he also profited from his personal experience – it was his nephew and niece who provided a useful insight to the kids’ fashion industry.

All this knowledge helped him to create the brand named Petit Pli: he developed a special pleated material that allows the clothes to expand and withdraw, fitting the shape of the person who wears them. This is a godsend for parents of kids of aged three years or less. On the one hand, this solution provides a comfortable clothing for children who are always active and not likely to sit still for more than a moment. On the other hand, this is the age when children grow the fastest, so it is useless to explain how practical is it to have clothes that an grow with their owners.


Less cost and less waste

As for the money spent on children’s clothing, origami clothes make parents’ life much easier. Children grow extremely fast at the age of a few months or years, therefore their wardrobe must be changed continuously. In some cases they were a T-shirt only a few times, and it’s already too small, so the parents put it away, donate it, or – in worst case – they simply throw it away. Then they spend great amounts of money on a new one. But not in the case of origami clothes. It’s enough to buy a set of those for a four-month-old baby, then they don’t have to get new ones for a few years.


Besides reducing the parents’ expenses, this choice also protects our environment. Waste clothes contribute to the environment degradation; moreover, most of what we throw away is still of good and wearable quality. If we can extend the life-cycle of the product to three years or more we make a big step towards a less polluted nature.


Ryan Mario Yasin's Petit Pli kids clothing expands to fit as children grow


We reward the creative ideas in Europe – no surprise, as there are more and more new ones!


The recently graduated young man, Ryan Yasin has just launched his brand, but he has already won an award for the innovative solution. This year, the James Dyson Foundation chose him to get the award for innovative ideas. The aim of the foundation is to inspire and motivate the next generation of designing engineers, and support their creative inventions that are easily marketable, while corresponding to the principle of sustainability.


This year, among others, an air purifier was nominated, which could improve the air quality in urban areas, but we can also mention the toothbrush designed for traveling, that can decompose after being used. Last year, the award was given to the inventor of an ecohelmet made from paper.


We can see that the youth is full of creative ideas and innovative solutions, and thanks to the award, many of them can get a chance to realize and popularize these innovations. If you are curious about other inventions nominated for the award, you can check them out here.


Noémi Paulik


Photos: Petit Lip oldala