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Researchers’ Night 2013

We are open towards science; however we are always afraid of the technological expressions. The Researchers’ Night is being organized for the eighth time in 2013, which gives us an insight into the world of science in an understandable way.

I research, therefore I am

The life of researchers are not common and most of them are called as queer fish, which in some way is true, since they seem a bit outsider. Most of their life is about experiments, which only they can understand. The most amazing part about this is that they create something, which is beneficial for the whole population. They have the chance to make something, which marks an era. Without scientist we would stand still and for example we would have never gone to the Moon – and slowly there’s a great chance to reach even the Mars.


Go science!

Researchers’ Night is being organized every year on the fourth Friday of September. This is the night, when researchers show their work to the public and interact with them.


Most of the programs will be in the capital; however you can find some exciting events in the following towns as well: Győr, Kaposvár, Debrecen, Pécs and Miskolc. The lectures in the different faculties of the universities and colleges will give an insight into the everyday life of scientists in sometimes a more serious and sometimes in a more fun way. Eventually the aim of the event is to raise attention towards science, inventions and the people behind them and as well as to promote being a researcher as a career path for youngsters. The visitors can watch and try everything out for free. We should mention too, that we will be able to find a lot of patents, which have a Hungarian relation, like the Gömböc.


The programs are for everyone, since science is ageless. I’m sure everyone will find his/her interest, as almost every type of field of science will be there at the Researchers’ Night. For example at the A38 Ship there will be lectures about the world of music. At the Faculty of Humanities we can meet with antiquities, special books, while at the ELTE Botanical Garden we can get to know some herbs. As well we can see an interactive exhibition about sustainability, or get closer to the art of taxidermy or to special diets, like Paleolithic. The programs are free for everyone; however most of them require registration, which we can do easily on this website from the middle of September. The galleries at the website can show us what happened at the Researchers’ Night last year, however the personal experience is irreplaceable.

Published: Sun, 03/11/2013 - 21:03

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