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Discover your inner van Gogh!!

Who would fail to draw a stick figure, a flower or a house? But could you do a bit more than that? The answer is: FessNeki!

FessNeki: More than creativity


FessNeki is a community workshop where real Picassos are born independent of whether they can paint or draw. Here, anybody can turn into a real artist. You don’t need anything but bravery and a positive attitude.


The creation process is guided by an instructor, who gives people advice on how to bring the hidden artist in us to the surface. Thanks to the common work, we will be able to paint such works of art that we never thought would be possible before.





Spending nearly three hours in front of the canvas, you will be able to reproduce the work of artists like Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Gustav Klimt or even Tivadar Csontváry-Kosztka. During the workshops, we also get answers to questions such as how to hold a paintbrush or why the acrylic paint should not be used with a lot of water.


All the tools are provided, you only have to make sure to relax and to call your inner artist into life.


The idea was born in the United States and it was implemented by two sisters. On the other side of the ocean, they use various methods during the sessions: joint painting and drawing are extremely popular as you don’t need to have any previous knowledge to be able to do them. Two sisters, Anikó Sávai and Rita Sávai, decided to follow the example and bring the creation technique based on the specific technique to Hungary. They opened their first studio on the Károly boulevard.



At FessNeki, what you need is openness and empathy, since it is only through trust that we can believe that we are able to do something. You can join the activities five times during the week and twice during the weekend and they are offered in Hungarian and English alike. The finished pieces of arts can then even go on to decorate your home.


More than a workshop


Let’s ask the question: what is the role of art in the life of humanity? If we try to give an answer based on the FessNeki workshop, it lays in the power of the community experience.


The participants of the activities inspire each other even without being previously acquainted, and they are enriched with an experience that has an positive effect on them even though they don’t realise it immediately. The time spent together provides an excellent opportunity for them to get to know each other. A genuine connection is created amongst them, which results in the creation of a community of good mood and mutual support.


From now on, painting is not only fun, but through this activity, you can develop abilities, skills, and functions of the brain that were previously hidden from you and their occurrence was not supported by other activities.


Paint, create and donate!


The FessNeki workshop initiated a donation campaign in June, within the frames of which volunteers decorate the common areas of health and social institutions, civil and religious organisations as well as schools and kindergartens with their paintings, thereby bringing joy to the people during their everyday lives. Moreover, the institutions they donate to are themselves involved in helping others. The workshop is always happy to hear from hospitals, youth and elderly homes, civil and religious organisations as well as educational institutions who would like to receive a painting package in order to brighten up their spaces and thereby make people’s lives nicer.




Tupi Zsófia


Translated by Judit Molnár

Published: Wed, 15/02/2017 - 12:00

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