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Your favourite novel in a dish

There are a lot of books that tell you about culinary miracles that will definitely make your mouth water. We would give anything just to be able to taste these delicacies. And this time dreams do come true!


BookBar Restaurant, where letters come to life


Everybody knows the feeling when you read a book and a scene comes to life in your mind’s eyes. Not only the characters but the locations and the whole environment also become almost real. We can almost see the events taking place right in front of us, not to mention the tastes and smells that enchant us so much This is the real feeling a book can give! 


But what would you do if the heroes and characteristics of a novel looked back at you from your dinner plate during lunch or dinner? Is this possible? The answer is yes! You don’t have to do anything else but visit the newly opened BookBar Restaurant, where the story of your favourite book will materialize itself not only in paper form but also as a tasty dish.


The two founders, Ildikó Béky and Gábor Szalay merged their love of books and gastronomy to call the restaurant into life, where they can dedicate their time to both of their passions on a daily basis. The members of the duo are not qualified chefs, but nobody would be able to tell from their meals. They simply enjoy what they do! Besides the traditional menu and an outstanding selection of drinks, every week they call a different book into life in their kitchen. They pick a characteristic motif from the books, and the rest depends on their imagination. They put a huge emphasis on the presentation of the food because when putting the food in the plate, they are presenting the mood of the novel as well. As one of the guests said: “During the week of the The Rascal of the Railroad Shack, the food was served in a crockery dish, so if the next meal is inspired by a war novel, we will be probably spooning the dish from a dixie”.


In the BookBar, they switch to a different novel every 2-3 weeks and cook it for their hungry and curious guests. We can taste the plum dumplings of the The Rascal of the Railroad Shack, the doggy meals inspired by Lassie or the sparkling rose drink from The Little Prince. Success is guaranteed!


More than gastronomy


The restaurant is more than a culinary adventure, and bookworms will love this place! At the BookBar, you can feel the atmosphere of an elegant restaurant, and at the same time, it feels like a cosy book shop or library. The shelves of the restaurant are filled with books, a part of which either belongs to the family or is an antique book and a part of which was gifted to the restaurant by the customers. Like this, you can take anything from the shelves during or after lunch or dinner and flick through it or read it from cover to cover, making the most of the moment.

The restaurant offers an excellent motivation for those who love eating but are not so keen on reading because if you taste the food, that will immediately raise your curiosity about what lies beyond them. It is also important to realise that bringing your kids to the restaurant would be a great way to motivate them to read as you can never know what the repertoire of Winnie the Pooh will inspire them to do!



The recipe is very simple: would you like to know what The Beggar and the Prince tastes like? Have you ever imagined what Winne the Pooh was eating with his friends? Would you like to know what dish is The Thorn Castle, The Animal Farm or István Örkény’s One Minute Stories? Then go, read and let yourself be cooked through a novel! If you visit this place, you are guaranteed to find a dish of your taste!


The menu is exceptionally colourful. From soups through tasty salads, meat and fish meals to the mouth-watering desserts, you can find everything here paired with an excellent choice of drinks. It is worth having a look at their website where you can always find the current menu.


Although the restaurant is unique in Hungary, it serves as an example to follow for everybody. This is the recipe of a successful business: fantasy, determination and persistence!



Zsófia Tupi


Translated by Judit Molnár

Published: Mon, 30/01/2017 - 13:39

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