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Reading brings us together – Literature Salon Meetup

Do you like reading? Do you like challanges? Would you like to share your experiences, opinion about a book? Then visit the Literature Salon Meetup!

Let’s read together!


The reader type of person grabs every free minutes to read. Nothing else is needed just a peaceful, silent place. But has it ever happened to you, that you have read a book and you wanted to share your experiences with someone immediately? Have you ever felt that a writer evoked thoughts in you which didn’t stop bothering you and you wanted to talk about it with others?


The Literature Salon Meetup thought about everything.


Let’s take a cafe of which hidden corner we are philosophizing about a good book in the company of a contemporal writer and another similar bookworms sipping coffee or tea. Silent music sounds in the background and candl’s flame paints the wall providing a perfect moment to think together with



This is what Literature Salon Meetup does!


The salon picks a book in every two or three weeks – which can be old or even new one – and with the help of Zsuzsa Csobánka, moderator, they answer the arisen questions. It can be a novel, prose, poem or short story, here we can receive az answer to everything which we are interested in connected to a work. We get space to talk, propose questions, argue or exchange experiences.


The Literature Salon is free, opened, organized by the József Antall Knowledge Center.We can find further information and upcoming events here.


Why does it worth to join?


Besides that we live the reading and the euforic feeling caused by the book, we can be part of a real community experience, where we can get to know others and their thoughts. In addition we can widen our knowledge with authors and books which we haven’t even known previously.


Quoting Dezső Kosztolányi’s words: „ The value in a book is not what is written, but what we read from it. Everything is to start a process in us and we certify it.” – Let’s certify then together!


Oh, that wonderful books


During reading people feels compelled to get to know what happens on the next page, will turn a page, and read forward. If curiosity arises in someone that what will happen, how the story will end, that will mean the true motivation for reading. By reading we get to know new words, get familiar with new thoughts, and all of this causes joy by itself.  If somebody get to the recognition of this (s)he wants to read everything and won’t know impossible any more.


It can be heard more and more times lately that we arrived to an era after literacy in which the interpretation of written words is unnecessary. This is not true at all: contrariwise! Words are more important today than ever. As we operate the world mainly by the help of words. So everybody really needs reading today and also to understand what they read.

That’s why one of our most important tasks is to raise literate generations. For this in turn it is necessary for people to read and experience the joy of reading. And this we can achieve if we give to their hands loveable books in which they can find pleasure. The Literature Salon Meetup provides us a great opportunity. We can experience trough a community experience and talk through what our great writers handed down us and what means to us and others a book. Do we need more motivation than this?


Written by Zsófia Tupi

Translated by Ildikó Zubály


Zveřejněno: pá, 08/01/2016 - 12:18

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