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One word is also a big help! Buy one!

If you want to help the starving children, grab some kilogram of flour, rice and pasta, some canned food, take it to the Writers’ Shop and buy for it one word or a sentence! That’s all!

One can for a word


In the Writers’ Shop a special, literary charity action is organized. Within its framework the authors sell their handwritten words, sentences for can, flour and rice. All this to help one of the biggest poor schools in Hungary, the Multipurpose Institution of Wesley in Abaújkér. The preschoolers and students of the institution will receive the collected food.


The owner of the initiative named “Buy a nice word!” is Erzsébet Scipiades, journalist, who has launched this form of charity in 2000. The incomes were turned to charity since the beginnings, for example homeless preschoolers, gipsy students, homeless writers and old, sick journalists in difficulty were supported.

As years went by, many of the most famous players of the Hungarian literature life given their names and handwriting to the action. Many of them are helping from Péter Esterházy trough Géza Bereményi, György Spiró and Endre Kukorelly till Péter Nádas. This year’s first word market day among others we could met Virág Erdős, Lajos Parti Nagy, Pál Závada, Lili Kemény, Péter Sziámi Müller, Zsuzsa Mirtse and Endre Kukorelly, but the educators of the Wesley Institution were also present in the bookshop.


Erzsébet Scipiades told, that the solidarity of writers, poets and journalists has 19 year old traditions. In 2000, 20 writers, poets and journalists offered their manuscript for potatoes: 6,5 tons of potatoes were collected. In 2005 with 24 writers and poets Hungary’s first bid for words were organized, and a second one in 2010 in order to allow to the less well-off literature friends to obtain handwritings. Since in the last 1,5-2 years the number of children living in immense poverty in the countryside of Hungary had grown significantly, they didn’t wait for the 5 years again, but started the initiative.



Now 59 Hungarian writers, poets, story writers, directors, actors and artists had took part in the initiative. One word cost 3 cans or 10 kg flour, rice or pasta, one sentence costs triple price. This can seem a little thing to many people, but we cannot even imagine how many people we can help with this! Most of the artists made other offers, too, which we can also buy for food.


Child hunger is a serious problem 


Unfortunately poverty concerns also children increasingly, but despite of it many people think that the real hunger is only the problem of the third world and developing countries. But it’s not true.

According to the estimations today in Hungary 30-40000 children are starving and near the 40% of the country’s population lives under the poverty line. Another ten thousands of small kids do not get proper quality food, they don’t get enough vegetables, fruits, meats and dairy products. There are children who only eat warm food when they are at school and there are kids who only eat anything when they go to school. To change this situation, social cooperation is needed.


Written by Zsófia Tupi

Translated by Ildikó Zubály

Publicerad: Fre, 08/01/2016 - 12:16

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