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Havel is Still Alive!

Could you imagine a more delightful moment than getting lost in the book you have been waiting for so long to read, while feeling the gentle spring breeze tickling your face? I don’t think so. That’s why I started to read the book ‘Havel: A Life’ by Michael Žantovský.

I was influenced by a book launch held recently, where the author of the book, who was the secretary and also a good friend of the former Czech President at the same time, was talking about the most complete picture given about Havel. The event was organized in the glamorous hall of the Czech Centre of Budapest, where the author, Ferenc Kőszegi writer, editor and the Founding Member of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, and Zoltán Farkas journalist had a conversation about Havel’s amazing life.


The book launch


The lecture did not go into detail, but every spot will be covered by the book, where no questions will remain unanswered. However, the question arises: what makes this book more special than the others on the market? The personal tone gives a plus which turns a typical biography, if Havel’s life could be labeled as ‘typical’, into a drama inspired by biographical elements. The description is colored with emotional elements putting the well-known politician into an unknown role. However, we should not expect a tabloid story creating a scandal or a glory, but a real story about a career started on the margin of society and ended in the presidential chair.


Who was Havel?


The Havel-figure is described through three major characters: the revolutionist, the Head of the State, and the playwright. Havel, the exile of society, is desperately looking for his path and becomes an emblematic figure of the revolution leading to the regime change. Havel, the broken freedom fighter, is torn between doubts behind the ice cold bars of the prison. Havel, the husband in love, is longing for his beloved wife in his prison letters. Havel, the Head of State, is putting an end to the totalitarian regime,  he is laying down the foundations of democracy, and assists his state in acquiring the NATO and the EU membership. Havel, the diplomat, is calling for the revival of the Visegrad Group. Havel, the human rights activist, is promoting the idea of giving help to people in need. Havel, the theatre lover, is working on his own story as a writer and director.


Check this out if …


If you are a history fan, interested in international relations and in literature as well, this book was written to you! It is also recommended to those book lovers who would love to set themselves into the communist regime for a couple of hours and imagine the torture of the way out of this system. Are you one of them?


Mária Vandlik



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