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Labyrinth without the Minotaur – the 32nd Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition

Spacious rooms and mystical lights, people walking around with wide-open eyes. This feeling welcomes you when you enter the 32nd annual Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition opened on the 27th March. Let’s get to know this “labyrinth” in more detail!

Why should you get to know it?


People usually link the idea of exhibitions with sculptures from the ancient times or the Mona Lisa, but if you want to experience something new, you should definitely visit the press exhibition. This is an outstandingly complex exhibition since it gives you dozens of impulses at the same time. You have the opportunity to get a widening point of view; you’ll learn what is happening in Hungary, in Europe, and even in far-away continents at the same time. You experience in a minute what challenges other Europeans meet. What is more, you can be whoever you want here while strolling in this labyrinth of pictures: an Australian aboriginal or even the eye witness of Ukrainian events.


The main concept of the exhibition


In other words, you don’t have to limit the power of your fantasy here. This is exactly one of the main concepts of this program, which is organised by the National Association of Hungarian Journalists. The exhibition presents the most valuable press photos of the past year; moreover, several prizes are also assigned to talented photographers, either professional or amateur ones. This year was exceptional because almost 500 pictures were exhibited, so the audience needed much patience and enthusiasm to have a look at all masterpieces. However, this could not be a difficult task: pictures of 13 categories, including significant issues such as international news and presentation of different societies, were displayed, so everyone could find topics in the centre of his or her interest.

Touching your heart


The best pieces are always those that touch the hearts of both the young and the old, child and adult, girl and boy. Do you say no such picture exists? You can be sure you found that picture if you have a look at the facial expression of the audience, and you sense the same amazement. These pictures are timeless and relevant at the same time. For instance, one of this year’s favourites was a series about the Syrian war, which might show us how helpless the world is concerning this conflict. The youth may be especially touched by the picture of István Bielik, which depicts a young boy holding a huge gun. Another prize-winner was Ákos Stiller’s photography about young children who don’t seem to have any possibility to get into higher education or travel the world; instead, physical work and poverty will define their future. In short, all these pictures about young people convey the message that every single youngster has his own story; some are more privileged than others, but they are still part of our world.


Exit of the labyrinth

At the end of the labyrinth, I can tell you, you can get out of it, but it isn’t worth. If you get out of the maze with a delighted or frustrated heart depends on which pictures you choose to have a look at. Whatever your decision is, don’t forget that these photos are about real lives, however far these people might live. Another possibility is to be the Minotaur and stay in the labyrinth to find solutions for these problems. Valuable photos never lie.


Special thanks to the organisers of the exhibition for the pictures.


Dóra Horváth

Published: Fri, 24/10/2014 - 14:26

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