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Second hand books, online swapping

It is true for so many things in life: the things that you would throw away might be useful for others. It’s the same story with books. On rukkola, you can swap your old books for “new” ones.

If you look around on your bookshelf, you will surely find at least 3-4 books that you would be happy to let go of, but you have never thought that it would be possible to “recycle” them. will help you with this.


You will need a complete dictionary to understand how the swapping happens. If you visit the website, you will find words like “to rukkola” and „to hap”. This was the point that I started thinking that I might be at the wrong place, but if you take the time to decode the language of rukkola with the help of the quick course, you will easily find your way around.


“To rukkola” is nothing else but to offer your books to somebody else. If somebody sets their heart on one of your books, they can “hap” it or get their hands on it (it works on a first come, first served basis, the one who clicks first is the one who gets the book!) If this takes place, both of you will get a notification and you can get in touch with each other. Depending on your address, you must get the book to its receiver in person or by post – the costs are always covered by the person receiving the book. After each donated book, you receive points that you can spend on books – and the happing can start!


If you find a book that you would like to have and if you are quick enough, it’s your turn to become the owner of a new book completely free of charge!


There are certain Happoints where you can leave and get the books. Therefore, if it’s easier for you to take your books to a Happoint where the happers will get it at a time that is convenient for them than to try to find a time when both of you are free, you can make use of this great opportunity. Moreover, on Facebook, there is a voluntary chain site as well, where people can offer to transport books among different Happoints. Therefore, if you are going to visit your grandma in Debrecen during the weekend and you can fit some books into your booth and you do not mind the little detour that you will need to do, then you can leave them at a local Happoint and you have already spared the posting costs of a few people. And with the help of other helpful people, you can also forward the books you want to give away.


In order to increase your chances of happing books that you have been longing to have for a while, you can add them to your wish list. With the help of this, you will get an e-mail notification the moment somebody puts the book online and from then on, it is only the question of some luck and rapidity to be able to call it yours.


A little patience is needed to start the circulation, since it is you who has to make the first step – to donate a book – so that you can get one in return, but this is the only difficulty. It is a great deal for you too, because it won’t take up a lot of space on your bookshelf and it gets a new owner, while you can exchange it for new ones. Therefore, up for rukkoling and happing!


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Publicerad: Ons, 25/06/2014 - 09:55

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