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From Shakespeare to Winehouse: cultural parade in Millenáris

Here comes the weekend, the weather is awful again and you feel that the best you can do is sitting in front of the TV sipping a cup of cocoa, don’t you? We have a better idea for you: let’s go to the Budapest International Book Festival!

Millenáris turned into a “book empire” for the 21st time. Budapest International Book Festival is waiting for the visitors all weekend long. The organizers were careful about the changes in reading culture and shaped the program guide according to the new demands of the readers. Students could participate in all programs for free.


You must go if:


You are a bookworm, a gastro squirrel, a space cowboy. We suggest anybody to go longing for a cultural break. But for Amy Winehouse fans it is a must as Amy’s dad, Mitch Winehouse came to festival to present his book ‘Amy, my daughter'.


The festival through Hungarian eyes


Visitors have the opportunity to meet and speak to the representatives of the Hungarian literary life in panel discussions, readings, book launches or dedications. In addition to the Hungarian poetry visitors can also get a deeper insight to certain periods of Hungarian history. But those who are interested in the digital technology can find programs dealing with innovations such as e-books or Creative Commons.


International meeting point: Turkish stand and European Point


Turkey was presented as the festival’s guest of honor waiting visitors with exciting programs and Ibrahim Müteferrika’s exhibition during the whole event. On Friday participants can meet the elite of the European literary life in the European Point. During the one -day meeting publicists invited discussed the latest 100 years of Europe. After the historical overview a separate presentation was devoted to the fall of the Iron Curtain and its effects. The rest of the day the EU's role was analyzed in the international arena with special respect to its social problems according to the personal perspectives of the publicists.


Carrie Bradshaw, super heroes, emancipation of men...innovations of the 21st century


The 21st century has accelerated our lifestyle and it affects the development of literature as well. Organizers of the festival separated presentations on the effects of the social changes and their appearance in the pages of books, or even on the screen of the movies.


Presenters discussed the issue from their own points of view. The peak point of the day was the panel discussion of ‘Individual and collective pathways and life strategies in the enlarged Europe’ where the conversation turned into a debate especially on gender issues. At first the real female role was clarified which is located somewhere between the traditional and the modern ideal type of woman. The modern lifestyle does not automatically cause a denial of traditional values; nobody has to be Carrie Bradshaw - even if following liberalistic values seem to be a fashionable trend today - but every woman has to become a super heroine, and commute between the roles of the super mom and the super woman. On the other hand, men's roles couldn’t be ignored either; it’s worth to think about emancipation; is there a male version of it? Let’s go further into the linguistic dimension: what if we applied gender-neutral pronouns instead of gender-specific ones? It would raise new problems, which could be under debate for a long period of time.


Children’s Lit Kingdom


Because of the bad you cannot take your baby to the playground, or your parents are out of town during the weekend and you have to take care of your little brother, is it right? The festival offers a good solution to these problems: programs dedicated to children will occupy their attention. Children’s Lit Kingdom is waiting families with slide shows, storytelling and games developing their skills. There is a separate corner waiting for toddlers and their parents to relax and have fun together.


Stop and stare … and BUY!


Here comes the exam period again, all of the mandatory readings are borrowed from the library and the scholarship has gone away a long time ago…is it familiar? You don’t need to worry as you can buy a wide range of books with significant discounts on it. You can select the pieces from the shelves of the publishers on their stands. And we have great news for you: if you check the details of the dedications, the selected books can be signed by your favorite authors.

The festival is waiting for visitors till the evening of 27 April.


Vandlik Mária


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Published: Sun, 11/05/2014 - 16:41

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