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The realm of board games – the Playhouse project

Forrás: Király Dorka
Forrás: Király Dorka
If somebody visits the Művelődési Szint on a Monday evening, stumbles on young people playing a board game in teams. The Playhouse project started from a living-room and nowadays it provides an alternative free-time activity for the metropolitan and neighborhood youth.

From 30 to 300


At the beginning of 2012, Balázs Sághy the inventor of the project organized the gatherings in the living room of their family house, with the aim to introduce his friends this entertaining form who have not used to play board games earlier. Made sure that the evening is about the game everybody was slurping tea and cocoa instead of beer. „This had that pleasant side effect as well, that I was able to host about 30-40 people, and it would not have been necessary to clean up until two days then”— Balázs told us.
After a couple of months, the interest was so big; it was necessary to find a new place where this whole thing could work on an organized way.


From this point, Dorka Király joined him to help with the organization, then later Balázs’s older brother, Bálint too. They gave rise the Facebook page of the project, which was liked by nearly thousand fans until today. MÜSZI, which can be found near to Blaha Lujza square, became the ideal “playground”.
The occasions of the Playhouse are only advertised on Facebook, but the news of the event went round of course, that’s why the average roll-up are on a Monday occasion approximately two hundred.
What is more, in February once there were more than three hundred participants.


“New generation” games


The Playhouse wants to provide an alternative leisure activity fundamentally for people who are in their twenties. On the one hand, it is a meeting point for old acquaintances, on the other, it is an opportunity to get to know new people.

The organizers' unconcealed aim is to spread „new generation games: ” We face it many times unfortunately, that a lot of people usually associate from a word >>board game<< to Monopoly or Ludo, however there are much more creative, more complex, more entertaining games” – Dorka said sadly.
The whole repository of strategic, logic and different card games is available on an occasion. If you are not fully aware of the rules of Bang!, Dixit or Catan, the organizers explain it with pleasure.


What does the future bring?

More changes are expected in the Playhouse's life in consideration of the big interest.
The founders have never been material profit from the project until now since the program worked totally gratis, and the donations by the participants were always spent on new games. Recently they found a sponsor, which help them to purchase new games. In spite of the unsolicited donations, they want to introduce an optional admission fee.
“We plan it to take the program away onto new sites, or rather we are discussing with more festivals, so nobody will lack of Playhouse during the next months” – told us the organizers this secret.
From an experience I can say that after an exciting play, we say farewell to MÜSZI only after midnight, which proves again: play board games, it’s cool!


For more information visit the Facebook page of the Playhouse, and like it to get to know the date of the next Playhouse-event!


Pataki Sára

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Published: Mon, 17/03/2014 - 20:04

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