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Getting to know one another’s culture is the key to a shared future

The National Meeting of Hungarians organised in 2013 devoted special attention to the traditions of peoples that shared tight historical ties with Hungarians and those connections that are necessary for the creation of a united European mentality.

This year, the event took place for the fifth time, therefore, relying on the experiences of previous years the organisers laid more emphasis on the dissemination of our significant national heritage and aimed at making the acquaintance with our traditions a pre-requisite for the younger generation as well.


The realisation, that irrelevant of age it is essential for all Europeans to get to know others’ culture and mentality made it possible to make this one of the most important virtues of the National Meeting of Hungarians that is organised year after year.


This year’s meeting provided numerous opportunities for the visitors among which tradition-keepers’ performances, both on horses and on foot were outstanding and those performers who try to keep the heritage of the instruments and tunes of our ancestors alive were extremely successful as well.


Children were enriched by an unforgettable experience offered by the fairy-tale tents, where besides the fairy-tales, they could also get to know games, toys and crafts team activities from the previous generations.


For those thirsty for cultural values, a wonderful opportunity was open: the tradition-keepers who live scattered around the country now joined forces to provide all those values to the audience that unfortunately we do not have the chance to see and experience in our everyday lives.


It is unfortunate that despite the fact that the event encompasses topics of high importance and as part of its mission, it emphasizes the European role of Hungarians, it had to rely entirely on the subsidy of the organisers and donors, because there was no government funding available.


For most of the visitors, it is an unforgettable experience to get away from the rat race of their everyday life and get to know a brand new – but at the same time, thousands of years old -  lifestyle, psyche, which also means that the popularity of the event has been growing in the country.


This year there were a few special surprises as well, given that we could host our neighbours from the North and the South, who, besides keeping our cultural traditions alive, share the views of the organisers that only those nations can form a unity and live in harmony on the European continent who strive for their mutual goals through the familiarisation with one another’s values.


The National Meeting of Hungarians puts great emphasis on the preservation of traditions, therefore, one of the most important activities of the event was the organisation of the historic live picture, during which hundreds of participants demonstrate the everyday life, clothes and unique character of our ancestors.


In 2013, we hosted the Croatian tradition-keepers and for the first time, the Polish winged hussars who can also look back on a hundred years’ tradition honoured the event with their participation as well.


The event had tens of thousands of visitors, a lot of whom arrived from abroad, therefore the values represented by the event and the importance of the preservation of the united European traditions crosses boundaries, too.


The National Meeting of Hungarians is a unique initiative that, going beyond the engagement of Hungarians, creates pan-European goals in order to progress towards a common goal through the getting to know of one another’s cultures, where the past is not the equivalent of forgetting but the key to a stable future. 


Written by Balázs Tibor Balázs


Translated by Judit Molnár

Published: Sat, 08/03/2014 - 18:38

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