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On the occasion of the European Year of Citizens, the citizens of the V4 countries used pictures to illustrate what it means to be European for them and why the Union is more than an economic and political community.

The European Year of Citizens has chosen as its goal to popularise the rights connected to being a citizen of the European Union, for the simple reason that most citizens are not aware of their rights and do not assert them, either. Besides informing the citizens of the European Union’s, attention will be paid to thematic dialogue and through the numerous events the participants can discuss what the community law should be like in the future, looking as far ahead as 2020.


Besides the active participation and legal information, there will be emphasis on creativity and the support of talent. The younger generation, youth between the ages of 10-15 also had the opportunity to show what Europe means to them and what their place in it is. Some examples of such events were the drawing competition named “What can I do for Europe, what I do for (my) future?” and the one named “2013 – The European Year of Citizens”.


Among these was the “Me... You... We... Europe” poster competition, which was jointly organised by the Polish Institutes of Budapest, Bratislava and Prague, the Poster Gallery of Krakow, the Hungarian Poster Association and the Hungarian Cultural Institute of Warsaw.


66 artists entered the competition with 95 posters, the best of which will be on display in the Polish Institute of Budapest until 6th September.


The authors of the works were young students, university students, who created their posters using their own experiences. Some examples of what to expect: alphabet pasta, eye test, paint blobs and traffic lights. If you want to find out how these are connected to the topic of Europeanness, all you have to do is visit the ’V4’s Europe’ exhibition at 15 Nagymező street - it can also be a good warm-up for the @RC exhibition as well.


„...it is delightful that we received so many entries for our competition, during which the organisers gave young artists the opportunity to reflect on this extremely complex topic. Visual language has its own limitations, just like its own power. Structurally, it must be simple and understandable. At the same time, it must bear the signs of its artist’s personality, otherwise it becomes schematic. It is exactly for this reason that I enjoyed the diversity and special message of the works presented. A little bit like in our Europe that we are trying to define, remembering what would be of the biggest importance: all of the citizens, from all the different corners of Europe.” - Lech Majewski, Head of the jury (Source: www.polinst.hu)

Written by Kamilla Drubina
Translated by Judit Molnár

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