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The National Meeting of Hungarians – 16-18. August, 2013, Apajpuszta

On 16th August, 2013, the National Meeting of Hungarians was organised for the fifth time in Apajpuszta, where everybody interested in Hungarian traditions and cultural preservation was welcome.

The series of events that is becoming more and more popular each year welcomes its Hungarian and foreign guests with a variety of programmes in order to present them with cultural values that authentically illustrate Hungarians’ role in the past and the present.


One of the most popular events of the National Meeting of Hungarians is the historic live picture, which means that several events of the most important eras of the history of Hungary are demonstrated in the castle that is erected for the duration of the festival.


The visitors can meet numerous tradition-keepers dressed in traditional costumes. Besides, they have the opportunity to take part in all the activities that dominated the everyday lives of our ancestors.


The sound of the whip or the shout of the horseman can be enjoyed every day. Furthermore, we can walk amongst archers, falconers and various types of artisans while munching on sausages and other special dishes.


The event pays special attention to providing all age groups with entertainment of their preference and making it possible for everybody to enjoy the meeting according to their needs.


Fairy-tale tents, handicraft activities and skill development games welcome the children. 


The older participants can participate in tradition-keeping activities and get acquainted with the culinary virtues of the Hungarian culture.


The fair offering hand-made products is of special value, since the observation of the products of the artisans arriving from all over the country can provide a whole-day programme for the visitors.


During the evenings, there are diverse programmes waiting for those in need of some more entertainment, since the concerts and folk dance classes are responsible for the good mood and provide an opportunity for making friends. 


Without being exhaustive, let’s have a look at what kind of programmes those can expect who visit Apajpuszta this year, where they have the opportunity to be immersed in a world that was created to give us a glimpse into the past, present and future of Hungarians.


  • Historic live picture

  • Children’s programmes 

  • Fairy-tale tent

  • Folk dance classes for children and adults

  • Carriage race

  • Archery competition

  • Concerts and performances

  • People’s academy of runic writing

  • Healing village

  • Yurt camp 

  • The demonstration of cities and artisans 



The event attracts more and more visitors each year, therefore, it is especially important to get acquainted with those values that define our role and identity among the people of the world and if possible, share them with others.


The National Meeting of Hungarians is a colourful patch among the row of events taking place during the summer that guarantees to enrich visitors with experiences that they would not have the chance of getting anywhere else.


Written by Balázs Tibor Balázs


Translated by Judit Molnár

Published: Sat, 08/03/2014 - 16:58

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