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Anne Frank: A History for Today

On 15th January, the travelling exhibition called Anne Frank – A history for today, which was organised within the frames of the educational programme of the Anne Frank House Museum and Memorial of Amsterdam, was opened in the Israeli Cultural Institute of Budapest.

2014 is the year of the Hungarian Holocaust. It was 70 years ago, on 16th April, 1944, that the concentration of the Hungarian Jewish community into ghettos started. To commemorate this sad anniversary, several programmes, events and cultural activities will be organised during the year, with the goal of reminding people of what happened.


The Anne Frank – A history for today exhibition, besides commemorating the little girl who is famous for her diary and who has become a symbolic figure in many aspects, aims to serve an educational and value transmitting purpose as well.


The exhibition that is aimed especially at teenagers sets out to call visitors’ attention to such basic values like inclusion, tolerance and human rights, which are also ranked as high priority by the European Union. Through the life and notes of Anne, the visitors to the exhibition can get acquainted with the dangers of discrimination and exclusion and can learn to value democracy that they already take for granted. The goal of the exhibition is to call teenagers’ attention to why it is important and beneficial to live in a tolerant and multicultural democracy and why they should try to keep it up.


The exhibition can be visited free of charge until 14th February. From 24th January, upon demand, educational tours will be provided for school groups, which can be requested in English language as well (in groups of 15-20, tours of 35-40 minutes will be provided).


Guided group tours can be arranged upon previous request, for which an e-mail must be sent to the following address:


Drubina Kamilla


Translated by Judit Molnár

Dátum uverejnenia: pia., 14/03/2014 - 12:30

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