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White Cane Day

The Invisible Exhibition and the MOM Park organized an interactive exhibition, which aims to celebrate the White Cane Day.

White Cane Day raises the awareness since 1969 for the lives of blind people. During the celebrations around the world we can experience the everyday struggle and challenges of these persons. On the event of the Invisible Exhibition and the MOM Park the visitors could try out along with Hungarian celebrities how it feels like to cycle blindfolded or to orientate in a labyrinth with closed eyes.


The main aim of the event was to provide an insight for those lucky persons, who don’t need to face this type of difficulty every day, which defines the lives of almost 83.000 persons in Hungary. The emphasis was on the interactive experience and to have a closer relationship with blind people.


Everyone had the chance to get to know the everyday life of blind and visually impaired people, in which the following Hungarian celebrities helped: Ildikó Keresztes, Gigi Radics, Peti Puskás, Péter Sipos, István Gergely or Dr. Gergely Kiss.


The visitors gained a unique experience, which facilitated their closer relationship to the blind and visually impaired persons and as well probably they will be more understanding and patient with them.


Let’s see some experiences of those who were there:


“I have never felt something similar. I tried to find a guideline with the stick, though it wasn’t easy. I experienced it as a success when I finished the route, however at the same time I got closer to blindness, which was as well scary for me and I’m sure I won't be able to bear it on the long term. On the other hand, the visually impaired, whom I met today showed me that we shouldn’t feel pity for them, rather it is impressive how they fight with the everyday challenges.” said Gigi Radics, who tried the stumbling route.


“Those sensors got a bigger emphasis, which we use less and less during our life. In the flavor of coffee we can only trust our nose; in case of the travelling staircase for example my sense of feeling betrayed me, since without help it can be really illusive. Attention is always the most important if you don’t see, which requires a lot of concentration. These people have so much willpower and they are full of positive energy. I believe we, who see everything, sometimes are more in the darkness than they are.” declared Dr. Gergely Kiss, three-time Olympic winner of water polo.


Éva Faragó, the director of the Invisible Exhibition pointed out the main goal of the event: “The first step of the help is that, we, who can see, understand the world of visually impaired people, since without it how would we be able to help them?”

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