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Magical healing journey to the land of fairy tales

The poor boy who leaves his family behind to go and find his fortune; the wolf who eats the grandma; and the beggar girl who wins the heart of the prince – well-known patterns from our childhood readings. But how can they heal us?


How do fairy tales function?


You have surely noticed that most fairy tales are built on a similar scheme: the protagonist has to go through trials which symbolize the difficulties in life. They reflect on the various stages of personality development in order to ease the tension of detaching ourselves from our parents, becoming independent and having to find a partner and thereby, they prepare us for real life.


Our task is simply to discover these hidden motifs and learn how they can relate to our own lives. Therefore, the healing properties of fairy tales are hidden in the fact that they convey a world in which the good always merits a reward and where it is worth fighting as problems are only challenges to be solved. Therefore, they show a positive perspective of life in order to reduce fears and establish emotional balance.



The fairy tale therapy method


The essence of fairy tale therapy is very simple: the therapist gives tales to the patient which are in line with their age, the stage of personality development they are undergoing and with the problem they are exposed to in order to work on its contents together. The tales are given during the sessions with the aim to create behavioural and thought patterns and thereby compensate for the experienced emotional scars or losses.


It is important to emphasize that fairy tale therapy can not only be used amongst children even if they are normally the most receptive of this method. With the help of the method, many problems can successfully be dealt with from stuttering through the difficulties of becoming a man to dealing with the loss of a loved one. Besides, it can be used as an excelled complementary tool with other therapies, like meditation, hypnosis and psychodrama.


Fairy tale therapy in Hungary


The Metamorphoses Meseterápiás Egyesület was established during the spring of 2014 with the goal of bringing the experts and supporters of the method together as well as increasing the role of tales in the sphere of education and healing. For this reason, the association organises individual and group sessions reflecting on various needs. Besides, it also organises professional meetings and conferences to strengthen the tradition of storytelling.


The Night of Fairy Tales was organised in various locations all over Budapest on 30th June in order to serve such purposes. The main activity of the night was the telling of a widest range of tales from all over the world by the fairy tale therapists of the association, not only for children! However, the association also offers the regular event of ‘tales by the fire’ where Ildikó Boldizsák, the founder of the association is telling stories around the fire recalling the ancient days of sharing tales.


Last, but not least, on the website of the association, each month, the tale of the month is displayed, which will definitely serve as a novelty to everybody. This June it was a Moroccan tale, the Revived Dead which flew us on a journey to the colourful world of fantasy.


Judit Molnár 


Pictures: Pixabay, PxHere, Freepik, Freepik

Published: Tue, 31/07/2018 - 16:26

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