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Planning the future beyond New Year resolutions – everything you want to know about YearCompass

The end of the year and the first month of the New Year are normally about closing down chapters and starting new ones. This time of the year is about plans and dreams, which might or might not come true. But if you want this year to be different, we have a good idea for you!

In today’s rushing world, we often do not have the time to reflect, to look inside and make plans. We often just go with the flow, live in the moment and hope that everything will take care of itself. However, what would be a better time than the beginning of the year to stay still for a moment and reflect on the period behind you so that you can plan the one ahead of you accordingly. And the movement called YearCompass helps you exactly with this.


From the early days until today



YearCompass is a booklet that helps you organise your year in order to clean up the mess in your head about the past and the future. The idea itself is the brainchild of a Hungarian group of friends and was initially considered a fun New Year activity, which was later implemented as a project by the Invisible University. However, with time, it became an international movement, to such an extent that at the moment, almost 100 volunteers over 21 countries are involved in the popularisation of the idea.


The free booklet is available in 22 languages and last year, it was downloaded by more than 300 thousand people. On its 20 pages, it acts as an invisible helper that leads you through your past year with the most detailed precision in order to bring your plans for the new year together. You do not need anything else for it but a few free hours that you can use to be on your own and focus on the filling out of your booklet, which is available both in a printed and electronic form. If it makes it easier, invite your friends around because together it can be just as effective as on your own and a fun time is also guaranteed. 


But what is it good for?


You might think that it is not worth filling it in as it can definitely not be more meaningful than a traditional calendar, but I can guarantee that by the time you get to the end, your opinion will have radically changed. The booklet goes against every expectation of systematisation that you might have had before: instead of asking the boring, cliché questions that you have heard too many times already, it relies on truly innovate methods to help you dig deeper into yourself. Through the most beautiful moments and successes, you eventually arrive at challenges and forgiveness. Nothing is obligatory or required, you can draw, write, whichever feels more comfortable!


 My favourite question was what title I would give to my previous year if it was a book. But of course, it is also not an easy task to describe your previous year in three words... When you have said goodbye to the past, you can jump into the new one, which is where you can let your dreams loose and plan freely. Secret wishes, bucket lists, dreams, goals in every field of life. This booklet gives you something special: it holds up a mirror to you with the help of which you can map out your thoughts and your own inner world. 


Mindfulness – with a small booklet


Of course, you should not expect miracles because here you will need yourself more than anything else as well as a little honesty. Do not overthink it, just write down what you think is true and what comes to your mind first. If you let go of your expectations, your subconscious will aid you in the process!


Initially, it might be hard to tune into the task because it is not easy to face our shortcomings or our missed opportunities, but it is necessary. And if there is one thing you can learn from this booklet it is that you should not worry about the past, to let it go, move on, but learn from it.


If you manage to look at your life more consciously and start the New Year with some more concrete and tangible dreams, then it was already worth it. Because who needs New Year resolutions if this booklet is capable of so much more?


Written by: Zita Szopkó

Translated: Judit Molnár


Photos: The YearCompass website