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Comfort Zone Crushers: the best way to get rid of your fears forever

Imagine that you jump out of bed confidently, look in the mirror and love what you see and walk without fear to that important job interview. Impossible, you say? Let Comfort Zone Crushers prove to you that it’s not!

There is one thing that connects us all on this planet: we all suffer from inhibitions and we are all afraid of the judgement of other people. All of you have experienced that horrible feeling when your stomach starts shrinking, your hands get wet and you just want to get out of a particular situation. While it is normal to have fear and doubts in your life, you definitely should not let them make your decisions for you! And the good news is that Comfort Zone Crushers offers you the easy way out!


Where does the initiative come from?


Till H. Gross definitely knows what it feels like to struggle with fear. Being a successful basketball player in his early teens, everybody expected him to be confident and outgoing. However, he often struggled with fear and would often experience anxiety around people he considered more popular, clever or successful. He had a massive fear of rejection and of not living up to the expectations of people around him. This resulted in him avoiding certain situations and thus missing out on good opportunities and constantly looking for approval which he could only achieve by adjusting his behaviour to the expectation of others, thereby losing in touch with himself. However, today he is a confident young man who will not back out from the challenges that come his way thanks to the training method that he developed to overcome his problem and which he is now offering to others free of charge to help enhance a positive change in them too.


So, what is it exactly that he did to change his life? He lied down on the street for 30 seconds! Basing his concept on the method of exposure therapy, he realised the importance of consciously putting yourself into the situation that you are dreading. For example, if you fear rejection, you should make yourself go out onto the street and ask ten favours from strangers that they are very likely to reject. The idea behind it is that you experience the subject of your fear so many times that you become immune to it. This is why he devised the 5 step challenge which is possible to carry out no matter where you live on the planet and that contains tasks that nobody feels comfortable doing.


The method that can help you


Kishan Kuman from India is one of the more than 8000 people who signed up for the free training course online and who get different tasks every week to help them overcome their inhibitions. This is how he talks about his first experience with Comfort Zone Crushers: “The biggest challenge I faced when attempting my first task of lying on the street for 30 seconds was fear. My first thought was to quit and go home. In India, it is not a big deal to see a person lying on the street, but if it’s a well-dressed person, that makes it completely different. Sometimes people would give you unpleasant looks and come near you to ask if you have a problem. In my first seconds, I felt a huge adrenaline rush, but after some time, I realised that literally everybody is so busy with their own lives that nobody really cared what I was doing. It was a very uplifting feeling and as a consequence, I began to feel more confident.”


The method is popular all around the world


There are currently 30 Comfort Zone Crusher communities worldwide, which meet up weekly to undergo challenges together and then discuss how it made them feel. Although the community in Budapest is still quite small (), if you want to get a real sense of what the sessions are about, you can plan a trip to Vienna as the Austrian capital is the headquarter of the community. However, if you cannot make it, you should not despair either as the weekly tasks are available online and you can get immediate feedback on your achievements from the community by uploading your photos or the summary of your adventures.



Judit Molnár


Picture: Pixabay

Published: Thu, 30/03/2017 - 13:30

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