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Just a coffee to see the person

In Prague, the Wandering Cafe campaign is already in full swing, which sets as its goal to integrate homeless people into society. If everything goes well, this excellent initiative might be introduced in Hungary as well soon.


Wandering Cafe


Homelessness can be regarded as the most extreme form of social exclusion, which every member state of the European Union must face. However, the seriousness of the problem often differs, and it must also be taken into consideration that the profile of the homeless population shows a different gender picture. However, there is one thing that normally all countries share: the majority of society rejects homeless people, and therefore, they become invisible. Besides the shelter solutions, it would be important to mobilize homeless people, in order to help them find their way back into society.


The idea of the Wandering Cafe was born thanks to the creativity of two young Hungarians, Zsófia Folk and Károly Hostomsky. They built mobile cafes on tricycles to help the reintegration of homeless people and to provide a workplace for them in this way. The principal aim of the project is to make them visible, but equally importantly, the creators of the programme would like to improve their situation by providing jobs for them. The creators are convinced that the majority of homeless people are able to work on the long run if they receive sufficient motivation.


The job is re-numerated in the form of a salary, which is partly given out in cash, but partly paid into a savings account. By using the latter one, the creators would like to create more workplaces, buy more tricycles, so that they can employ more people. The ultimate goal, however, is to provide accommodation for them as well. The cafes are run entirely by homeless people, who serve coffee to their customers. The hygienic conditions are met perfectly. The most important thing is that conversation with customers helps reduce prejudice against homeless people.


Let’s cycle to Budapest!


Homeless people belong to the layer of society who need help for starting a new life or restarting their old ones. Their education, employment, and integration are highly important. This can only be achieved through cooperation.


Thanks to the Wandering Cafe initiative, those on the verge of society could get a new chance, and according to the plans, the project would be launched in Hungary as well. Although its implementation is still in progress, it is without doubt that such initiatives are needed in Hungary as well. Zsófi and Károly are working on the project in Budapest, and in order to be able to implement it quickly, they are looking for sponsors.


If you would like to help, or you are interested in the project and are keen to drink a nice cup of coffee at one of the busy junctions of Budapest, then look for the Wandering Cafe


Tupi Zsófia


Translated by Judit Molnár


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Published: Mon, 12/12/2016 - 21:14

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