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Let's see!

When smart phones started to spread, though most applications were very loud and very funny, we couldn’t really call them useful. Fortunately, this situation seems to be changing thanks for to the apps like Be My Eyes.

The main objective of the Danish development team’s world famous application is helping blind people. In order to achieve this, they found out an extremely simple but very effective solution. They connect those pople who always stay online  with blinds who need help at that point of time, and thanks to the video connection, muchhelp can be given to them in only a few seconds. They can find out  from which platform their train departs, when the traffic light changes to green or what is the milk’s expiration-date. These are only bits of thousands of other tiny useful things, which seem to be “tiny” only for those living without any difficulties. For the blind,those mean tasks to resolve over and over again or usually difficult or unsolvable things.


This app is an online way of helping the pedestrian crossing the street as it requires approximately the same amount of time from the helper and means a similarly huge help for those in need.


Many people would like to help of course, but in lack of time or occasion, givin help fails many times, and it’s not always clear what we can do exactly in favor of our handicapped mates.


The Be My Eyes is a smart idea from this perspective, too, because it’s easy, quick and in about two minutes after its installation, it’s ready to provide help or ask for it. There’s no problem even if somebody needs our eyesight on the other side of the world when we are busy. In this case, with one move we can redirect the call to the next enthusiastic volunteer.

Obviously, as in every social app, we also have a point system; after successful calls, those who was called can climb up the ladder based on the evaluation of blind users, so he or shecan become a more reliable partner and will have more possibility to help in the future.


Unfortunately, one negative thing has to me mentioned, too, not in connection with the app itself but its accessibility. Despite of the huge success and worldwide reputation of Be My Eyes,it is still only downloadable for iOS and shows no sign in Play Store. Nevertheless, based on statistics, till the end of January, users got into connection more than 30 000 times with the help of the application.


Anyway, we can hope that the development is progressing fast in Denmark. The most impatient and interested android users can sign up on this link with their e-mail addresses. They will be sent a notification as soon as Be My Eyes is available for them, and finally, they can join this social adventure, in which they can see or can let see anytime.

Be My Eyes - helping blind see


Dániel Szőke


Translated by Ildikó Zubály


Picture: Helga Birna Jónasdóttir

Published: Fri, 20/02/2015 - 19:40

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