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The Ball and The Bull
Several years later, a piece of paper took me back to these days. The days that still hurt me.

I was 17, ten years ago, we were in the same class. I wouldn't have thought that I'll remember his name after years by the newspaper I'm holding in my hands with the little title "2 casualties on bar fight " 


He used to send me flowers back these days. He wrote me a poem and let it fly over my window by a balloon on an April morning. Yes, I loved him, when he asked me to go to ball with him I said yes in a blink of an eye.


I was not feeling the floor beneath my feet and my mothers' dress was helping me with flying. There were only his hair, eyes, smile. I still don't remember any of the songs played at that night.


After few hours, I started to feel his arms, hands and warm breath caring my face. It was the first time that I had the feelings I've never had before. He approached my ears and said those three words " I love you "


Then he took me to backstage, all came in a row; His cheeks, his touch, his lips... I was not even aware of where my moms' dress is. His lovely voice suddenly turned into applause of a crowd. He was so happy while accepting his greetings from his friends.
The last thing that I remember, there was a human circle around me, wondering if I want more or I enjoyed it.


According to newspaper, he is in the hospital where I also spent couple of days after the ball. Probably his wounds will be healed sooner than mines because bullying is sharper than a knife.

Published: Wed, 30/04/2014 - 13:44

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