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Green Revolution

Green revolution
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Youth is the main actor in creating social changes - but where are we when it comes to environment? An EVS volunteer calls for youth to join the green fight

It is said that youngsters are the most revolutionary group in the society. Normally the hardcore of the last 60 years evolutions and demonstrations were located in the high schools and in the universities. Middle class intellectual students, employers and workers under 30 were the brains who started the springs in the east of Europe during 60's and 70's and around all Mediterranean area during 2011. They sustained the sexual open process giving rights to women,LGBT and other collectives. They gave alternative during Seattle and Bologna, and they were covering the first line of all demonstrations against war and power abuses. But something deep is missing... where we had the protest and the ideas giving for the environmental issue?


If it is true that the alternatives for the destruction of our nature are something realistic and explored, we did not have any youth big worldwide action for it, for last seventy years. During these years, active youth citizens were focused in the increment of human rights growing up, spectacularly, the wellness of common population, but, forgetting the natural and animal rights.


Personally, I think that this is an enormous mistake and we should be more concentrate about the green revolution. As youngsters, we should have more respect for world safety, starting for ourselves and being activist in favour our planet, because we are playing with our near future and with the future of our next generation.


We are living in a grey world, with acid rain, with a hole in the ozone layer and we are drinking contaminate water. Petrol is practically finished and the war for good water just started. We can feel the climate change (hotter winter, colder summer) at the same time leaders and politicians are ignoring the real problem.


We, as youngsters, have the obligation of doing something. We have the truth in our favour, together, with good real alternatives and solutions. Green revolution has to start, because we are playing with our life. We should create a structured dialogue with decision makers, at the same time that we must propose some mobilisations and activities for changing the citizen conscientious. Acting step-by-step, person-by-person, producing small changes in daily life and being realistic, we will have big success.


The integration of EU is doing this path easily. The worry of northern countries about nature is helping the south in taking consideration of it on the public arena. Slowly agendas are including green policies, but it is not enough. We should help, as much as we can, to solve the issue faster and with more excellence standards. Regarding the topic EU is a good alliance for youth active citizen in favour of green rights, and I encourage to them to research more about it and to put them in contact with the European decision makers.


The green fight will be slow, but do not surrender, we are creating our future.


David Nàcher Peuyo, EVS Alfa Albona

Objavljeno: pet, 02/08/2013 - 15:46

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