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‘’Let’s Share Everything: the Emergence of the Sharing Economy’’

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To share the same car, to welcome people you’ve never seen before on your couch… Today, a new way to consume just appears: ‘’Why buy, when you can share?’’, defines the sharing economy.

‘’One day, we will look at the 21st century and we would ask ourselves : why  we owned so many things?’’, said Bryan Walsh journalist in the Time Magazine, that just defined the Sharing Economy as one of the ten best ideas that are gonna change the world.


But how does it work in reality? Everything is about trust.


About ‘’couchsurfing’’ for example, you have to accept some unknown people in your apartment. But for the travellers, it’s free. And for you, it’s the perfect occasion to meet new people, to explain your culture, and when you’ll travel into another country, you will sleep on the couch of someone else!


Nowadays, you can share almost everything: your apartment with Couchsurfing, Airbnb, Homeexchange; your food with Cookening, Shareyourmeal, Eatwith; your car or your bike with Zipcar, Blablacar, RelayRides, Getaround, Bikesharingsystem; your trips with Vayable, the Wwoofing… And a lot of different and initiative ideas!


The sharing economy is existing thanks to the internet: a new numeric tool that allows the apparition of new ways to consume. The Sharing Economy is all about sharing, exchanging, making something available, paying less, polluting less and trying to consume less. The sharing economy is not synonymous of free availability, but it puts face to face the offer and the demand, through transactions that are ‘’peer to peer’’, it’s a ‘’win-win’’ situation.


Author: Carpe Diem

Publicat: Mi, 12/11/2014 - 10:55

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