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Social entrepreneurs have your say!

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Social entrepreneurship is an attitude, skill and knowledge of a person which allows recognition of opportunities for creating added values, social as well as economical.

It is an attitude which you can be born with, or you can work on it and realise that it can be a tool for valuable things and achievements. Personally, I am involved and interested in it because I believe in all good things and benefits for the community which brings so when I saw that a conference on this topic will be organized I knew that that is a right place for me to be.  Two day interactive conference on a topic of social entrepreneurship and social economy named „Social entrepreneurs have your say!“ was held by European Commission from 16th till 17th January 2014 in Strasbourg, France.


It was an great gathering of social entrepreneurs and speakers from all over the Europe which aim was to identify future priorities for action and where the EU could add value and support the scaling-up of social entrepreneurship. I had a chance to participate and it was one very positive and inspiring experience in which I enjoy every second. It provided an unique and participatory environment where all people could listen, share, talk and interact with each other.


During two days of the conference there was a chance to participate in different workshops and interactive presentations, be a part or to organise your own mini workshop in open space session, find all information and meet interesting people in network hub, visit exhibition and information stands as well as a possibility to participate in the field visit of local social enterprises. The diversity of the conference programme brought something for anyone and you really had an opportunity to learn new things, hear different good case practices, get inspiration to be involve with social entrepreneurship.


As a conclusion, the final declaration has been adopted which is summarising the outcome of the discussions held on the conference and represents the views of various stakeholders from the social enterprise sector. 


Author: Jelena Batelić, Alfa Albona

Published: Thu, 20/11/2014 - 13:07

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