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Working as a team

One of the questions that is obligatory during job interviews is “Are you able to work in a team?”. A lot of the interviewees give a positive answer on that question.

But what exactly should be understood by teamwork and why the ability to work in a collegiate atmosphere is of such importance?


The simplest explanation of teamwork is a group of people, gathered around one common aim or task, for the execution of which each member contributes with his or her individual skills and experience. During the recent years, synergy has been continuously subject of discussion as only through well-managed teamwork activities the set task could be completed successfully. The skill of working along with other individuals means owing complex competencies such as communication, conflict-resolution and when necessary applying decision-making, planning and organizing skills.


Teamwork means that each member has the will of taking part equality with the others. That could be achieved through free flow of ideas and viewpoints on concrete issues. Moreover, supporting the team, the ability to listen and understand along with contributing for vibrant work environment are other key elements a prosperous teams should have.

Pros of teamwork:

  • gives guarantee that during decision-making the views of all interested parties are taken into account;
  • gives opportunity for ideas ‘realization, which have been previously too complex;
  • increases the empathy and readiness for cooperation;
  • enriches understanding and acceptance of varied points of view;
  • lowers the risk of making wrong decisions;
  • introduces a chance for use of all skills, knowledge and experience of the members ;
  • stimulates the idea generation process and enhances contribution;
  • enforces innovative and creative work environment;

Main principles

  • Identification of complex problems, connected to the execution of the assigned tasks;
  • Discussion on unclear issues;
  • Understanding of roles and expectations, planning of the wanted execution;
  • Encouragement of open and full dialogue;
  • Analyzing of the differences and finding common point of view;
  • Achieving agreement and planning for crisis situations.


Perseverance is necessary for the transformation of a good idea into a noticeable achievement. A lot of hard work is vital component for getting out of ones ’comfort zone and being able to show your true personality accordingly, but at the end it is all worth it. 


Author: Hrisi Tsaneva, YPGD

Photo: c_istockphoto.com_-_cnicbc

Published: Tue, 01/09/2015 - 11:37

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