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Why are the international trainings super?

© Andrea Papp
Would you like to try yourself in abroad? To develop your language knowledge, learn useful things and acquire new skills? Would you like to meet different cultures?

If your answer is yes, the international trainings are the perfect choice for you. For example in the frame of Erasmus+ programme you can find a lot of training opportunities which are fit to your qualification, your studies and your interest. You can apply for trainings in many topics for example job search, anti-discrimination, European integration, youth development, technical, media and communication and many others.


These trainings are good opportunities to learn new things to get useful informations or to develop skills and competences. Interesting presentations and different exercises help you for example how to improve communication skills, how to solve conflicts, how to make a successful application for a job or how to work in a team. Furthermore, you can meet interesting people from the different parts of the world, get to know their culture, make new friends. The language of the trainings is usually English so it's a great opportunity to develop your English skills. So if you want new experiences don't hesitate, apply for an international training! You can find more information about the trainings on the SALTO Youth web page. 



Author: Andrea Papp, Youth Peace Group Danube


Published: Fri, 17/10/2014 - 10:33

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