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Are you bored of saying that nothing is changing and you want to make your best for showing your ideas? Are you interested in active participation and international experiences?

For young people in Croatia it is sometimes difficult to get involved in the decision-making process. The majority of youngsters, instead of trying to change this systematic problem, are only accepting how the reality is or criticising the already made decisions. Nevertheless, there is another type of youth Croats, minority but strong, who are fighting in order to be heard during all the steps of the public and private process.


The existing opportunities to for young people to get involved, get some training to improve their ideas and to change the system are not well known, but they do exist. For young Europeans there are many courses, trainings and volunteering opportunities. If you are this type of person who wants to try to modify the things and who is not resigned about the changes from top-down to bottom-up society and at the same time that you are working for your future, you are the perfect candidate! 


The European Commission and other public and private bodies are working in different directions to help youngsters to develop their soft and hard skills with through formal and non-formal learning processes and with some vocational and theoretical training. It is extremely useful for creating the future active citizens.

First, you have the Erasmus+ programme, which offers many opportunities for young people, such as Erasmus. As a young person, you can also go for a traineeship in another EU country. Furthermore, youngsters also have the opportunity to discover the youth section of the programme. It is divided in different actions which help youngsters for participation in non-formal seminars, workshops and activities around Europe. The European Voluntary Service  is the most famous action of the programme which is offering young people from 18 to 30 years the chance to volunteer in a foreign country between 2 weeks to 12 months.

Other public European bodies are offering more opportunities. Eurodyssey or European Commission Traineeships are some examples. Also private enterprise, NGOs, companies and Think Tanks are offering some kind of paid or unpaid collaboration. You only have to “google” it or to ask in the nearest Youth Info Point.

After enjoying this time out of your country, you come back to your place with totally different perspective, new skills and knowledge and full of contacts for networking production. It is the best mode for understanding how decision-making process is working and to have good-practices and examples for assimilating in your local areas.

If you are young and you want to be involved, please do your best, because society needs you!   


Written by: David Nàcher Pueyo, EVS volunteer, Alfa Albona

Published: Wed, 02/10/2013 - 12:32

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