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Do you parle otras lenguas?

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Nowadays, it became easier to travel and, in order to manage a trip it can be useful to learn other language (or more).

Learning a language is not only a way to be understood, but it's also a way to discover a new way of thinking and another history/culture, a richness that can be useful in a lot of situations, both professional and personal. So now let's focus on the advices and tools that you can find on that amazing innovation that you are (literally) using right now - Internet.

So first, if you've never heard of TED (both Talks and ED), you should give it a try. You can find a lot of interesting conferences about various topics and language learning is one of them. Among the conferences, some can inspire you on how to learn a language. For example, Chris Lonsdale explains how he decided to go to China in the 80's without knowing anything and managing to learn Mandarin in 6 months. Okay, after the video you will maybe think ''Yeah but he was already in the country, it was easy'' or ''But he didn't have Internet to help him, of course he had to talk to people and try''. But, even if the current context is not the same there is a lot of useful advices to keep in mind.

In a more modern context, you can go to see Tim Doner's conference. He's a young men of 22 years now who managed to learn more than 20 languages! Of course you're not forced to try to beat his achievement, but he gives his advices on learning languages nowadays with technology like, for example, listening to music in a different language and memorizing every lyrics to use them later.  And if you are still a bit reluctant about learning a new language, you can see the TED Ed about the benefits for the brain to be bilingual by Mia Nacamulli.

If now you're definitely convinced and motivated to learn a new language, you can check Duolingo and Memrise. They are free websites allowing you to learn a lot of languages and to compete with your friends. And if you want to talk more, you can go and check Italki where a lot of people propose you to discuss directly via webcam for a small amount of money.

Now, don't espera más et vas-y!

Victor Schmitt

Published: Mon, 26/03/2018 - 12:24

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