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What is a youth exchange and why to be a part of it?

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There are different youth programmes around Europe, but the biggest and the most popular programme is definitely former Youth in Action and the new Erasmus + programme.

Erasmus+ programme is EU Comission programme for education, training, youth and sport. Within it one action are youth exchanges - exchanges between a group of young people from different countries, age 13 till 30, who gather in one place to meet, live and learn together up to 21 days.


The main intention is to provide young people an learning environment abroad where they will learn about another country, culture, language, have a chance to broaden their horizons, get new ideas and to see themselves as a part of a greater collective. Through this kind of projects lot of associations are creating opportunities to bring young people together and to enable them to take part in further developments and decision making processes both in their own life and life of their society.


There are a lot of different themes for youth exchange and here are some of them:  an youth exchange based on the traditional dance and music of countries included with a theatre play as a final outcome, an youth exchange based on a topic of gender equality where youngsters are creating gender equality booklet, an youth exchange based on entrepreneurship and employment of young people, an youth exchange based on artistic expression and art, an youth exchange focused on raising awareness of cultural diversity, tolerance and anti-discrimination in Europe....


There are lot of themes but all of them have the same purpose: to give young people an opportunity to learn new things, to believe in themselves and help them to be aware of all possibilities that they have. This kind of projects are very important for everyone: for young people because they are gathering education and fun in the same time, for youth association to build up their capacity and organisation skills, and for local communities to get familiar with different cultures, to build solidarity and participatory development.


So what are you still waiting for? Find and apply as a participant on a youth exchange, it will for sure change your life. 


Author: Jelena Batelić, Alfa Albona

Paskelbta: K, 20/11/2014 - 11:18

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