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Study in Croatia

Study in Croatia
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Croatia is an ideal place for students wishing to study in a country renowned for its beautiful coast, for its mix of Mediterranean and South-Eastern European charm and for its rich historical and cultural heritage.

Croatian higher education at a glance

In total, Croatia has 122 higher education institutions located in all parts of the country - including a total of 36 on Croatia’s spectacular Adriatic coast! Croatia’s largest university is the University of Zagreb with over 75,000 enrolled students - making it the largest university in the region of South-Eastern Europe. The University of Zagreb is also the oldest university in the region (founded in 1669).
Today, Croatia’s higher education institutions are part of the European Higher Education Area, having adapted their study programmes to the Bologna Process, thereby making it easier for international students to study in Croatia and for Croatian students to study abroad.
Croatia also participates in a wide range of international exchange programmes (including Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, CEEPUS and many bilateral programmes) allowing international students to study in Croatia and Croatian students to study abroad.

Opportunities for both Croatian and non-Croatian speakers

For prospective students who speak Croatian (or are studying the language), a wide variety of degree programmes or exchange programmes are available for studying at higher education institutions throughout Croatia.
Study opportunities are also available to prospective students who do not speak Croatian (or are not studying the language). On the one hand, some higher education institutions offer Croatian language courses as semester classes, one-month courses or summer schools. On the other hand, some higher education institutions offer specific courses in foreign languages (lasting one or two semesters) and there some degree-programmes taught in English and other foreign languages.

Are you considering to study in Croatia?

Your first step to studyin in Croatia is visiting the Study in Croatia portal. There you'll find more detailed information about the Croatian higher education system, a list of all higher education institutions nad study programmes, everything you need to know about admissions and enrolment, tuition fees and scholarships. 





Published: Sat, 11/05/2013 - 20:00

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