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Give more then you get

 Fruzsina and Wilson also found their way to themselves thanks volunteering at animal shelter. This is the moment, when volunteers usually realize, that their work is not pointless.
Personal reflection of how animal rescue shelters help abandoned animals. A volunteer describes her experience and impact of a young person who is involved in this specific type of volunteering, their benefits and responsibilities.

The best things in the life are usually for free. This is what wise languages are saying. Maybe this is one of the many reasons, why volunteering was invented. Give more then you get, brings a lot, especially for one who is giving. Without prejudice, without complaining, determinedly. And that's not easy.


Volunteers work is most appreciated by those, who do not repay in materials way. That is why the work at the shelter for abandoned animals is such invaluable. Firstly, it is important to define, what shelter for animals and all the work of volunteers there, may involve. Their main task is to help abandoned, abused, neglected animals, often founded in miserable condition and dreadful situation. Volunteering at the shelter usually involves three different forms. There is dog walks, manual helping and help which is spreading awareness through various campaigns, such as collecting signatures for the petition. In the shelter is always something to do, it is practically dependent on the volunteers.


Animal shelter is creating community, where young person belongs as their member. This gives the feeling, that he is somewhere belonging, and he becoming part of the society. It helps him understand the values of people from their best, but more often from the worst of their human side.


The shelter for animals helps to build a humanity. It puts a young person to the different light and shows him reality. Many times cruel. Young people have to often required to cross their own threshold and get out of the comfort zone. They realize, that shelter for animals is not only sort of catch for animals livings in the streets, but it has its purposes. It´s not an obligation of shelter to issue a dog for each candidate. It is important to realize, that the dog is looking for a home. Home and not further suffering.


In the animal shelter are mostly abused dogs. Therefore, it is important to realize that the dog needs much more attention, patience and love, as „ normal „ dogs and cats. Shelter teaches a young person, that everyone in life deserves a second chance, and that you have to be patient. But also that not everyone receives that chance. Indeed, not all animals are able to find a new owner. They are maladjusted, previous life teached them not to believe the man. If they have to learn it all over again, it will take a very long time.


It is important to recognize, that voluntary work is not kind of activity work. It is the process. And volunteers biggest gain is not material. In an age of materialism, it may also be the reason, why this work discourages young. Surroundings learn them, that an individual can not change anything, so he surrenders before he began. As the most common association to the word volunteering, reports "work for free and unpaid work". These results show us, that young people look for work through any financial value. Thus, for their work most of them expect some consideration and in the current unfavorable economic situation, it are money.


Each person has their own life. He has experienced many situations in his own lives, or they are perceived in the life of someone else from the neighborhood. These facts often compel him to think and reflect, what is for him the true meaning of life. Young people are through volunteering teaching to respect and creates a sense of self-worth. This is one of the ways in which young person learns, how to decide freely. Working at the animal shelter will teach him, that he can change the surroundings just by how he starts to behave. And for the begining it is enough, when he starts to change things in his surounding, for example, as a volunteer at a nearby animal shelter.


Author: Mária Kapustová, EVS volunteer, Youth Association Alfa Albona


Description of the photo: Fruzsina and Wilson also found their way to themselves thanks volunteering at animal shelter. This is the moment, when volunteers usually realize, that their work is not pointless. 

Foilsithe: Lua, 30/11/2015 - 15:28

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