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EVS experience in Karlovac

© Carpe Diem
Agathe Viot from France volunteered for 11 months in Croatia in NGO Carpe Diem from Karlovac. This is her story.

I’ve never been in Croatia before my EVS experience. Originally, my plan was to go to Balkans countries without any distinct reason. I sent a lot of applications from Slovenia to Greece, and Carpe Diem in Karlovac answered me positively. We made a Skype and I had a particularly good feeling about them.  


I have been a volunteer before in the Red Cross and I’m coming from a family where everybody is a volunteer somewhere, it’s an important part of my education. Definitely, my EVS was way better than I expected, I knew I will like my experience here for sure, but now I start to realize it was one of the best decision I made. I met a lot of people, who became my family and friends. I was the first volunteer so it was a little bit hard at the beginning, when you know nothing, nobody and you don’t understand the language, but I’m very proud I had to go through this. I’m feeling stronger now, and I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt how to make friends, how to improve my English, how to be independent, how to deal with a different culture, how to learn a new and complex language… So many things I wouldn’t even imagine before coming here. 


About Croatian language, it was laborious when I arrived: people are talking fast and it’s very divergent from French or English. But step by step, I acquired some knowledge and I can see now the progress I made. Even if speaking was still difficult for me, understanding was better: when friends were conversing, I was able to discern some words and expressions and I would never have dreamed before! Now that I came back to France, I'm not practicing my Croatian here. But now that I start my studies in the language field, it was also a really interesting experience for me and my story.


Lot of young people are always saying that they can’t travel because they don’t have money or because they are not qualified or experienced. With EVS, you don’t need any particular diplomas or skills and everything is paid during your experience abroad. The only important thing is motivation! It’s for me an incredible program which allows you to reveal new skills, discover new things, develop understanding of yourself and others. Now that I came back, I strongly realised all the things that EVS taught me. I will never forget my Croatian experience for sure!


Author: Carpe Diem

Published: Tue, 13/10/2015 - 14:03

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