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Be a volunteer on festivals – more than a feeling!

© Bojan Haron Markičević
My voluntary experience started when I was a just a child, I was helping others as much as I could. Now, I am volunteering in youth association, centre for children with disabilities and at festivals. Check out my first festival experience!

After almost two full years of volunteering I decided to join the movement of volunteering on festivals. Working in a youth NGO gives me the opportunity to be in touch with lots of information, and lots of young people, too. Recently after youth exchange that my association held in my home town Labin, where I also met dozen youngsters, I found out for one cool festival 200 km away. And, the adventure could start!


Together with my boyfriend I applied for volunteering and after few days we were accepted. The pre-preparation started with our coordinator Kaja, who managed to coordinate 40 volunteers at time, I really envy her. Day before the festival started, we packed our sleeping bags, clothes, some food and water, and started to hitch-hike from Labin to Rijeka. Eventually we had some problems on the road, so we took a bus to Karlovac and from there to small heaven on Earth – Bukovica Utinjska. Organizers sent their volunteer Dario to pick us up, with which we hung out most of the time. In the middle of the night we were driving trough abandoned parts of Karlovac on the way to Split. After half an hour we came to village Bukovica, the mobile signal was off, there was no electricity and no standard toilets! I was feeling really happy and calm when I realised that this is going to be the best festival ever!


Workshop festival „Tko pjeva zlo ne misli“, is four-day adventure comedy.  Aim of the festival was to give people the opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills through educational workshops and to spend quality time in nature, and we did!


During this four days my boyfriend and me managed to work on different positions, helping in the kitchen, regulating cars on the parking lot, preparing exhibition, working in the bar. But not just working, also discovering nature, meeting new and really interesting people, learning traditional crafts, participating in workshops, and laughing, singing and dancing. The experience was so good, so we spread the word to our friend and eventually they joined us after few days.


After five days of volunteering, we packed our bags and hit the road to home. After twelve hours of travelling and hitch-hiking on different spots, we arrived home, pretty exhausted but our backpack was full of great memories!


Next step for us is 2nd Eco, art and music festival that is going to be organized in Pula. There will be needed some different job descriptions but when you are giving, more is turning back to you.


No matter which way of volunteering you chose, it fulfils your soul and relaxes your mind, and gives you energy for more. So join the volunteering movement!


Author: Renata Kiršić, Udruga za mlade Alfa Albona


Published: Thu, 07/08/2014 - 16:06

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