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My EVS experience - Šibenik 2017

Burhan Al Amoudi, Italian EVS volunteer in Croatian organization "Youth in the European Union" ("Mladi u EU") in Sibenik, shares his story about EVS project "Information - The power of the new age"

I moved to Croatia on 28 February 2017, it was not that easy decision especially because of the long-term of the EVS (8 months). At the first month Croatian National Agency invited me to the first workshop in the north of Croatia to a small village named Orahovica, it was the first meeting with other volunteers in Croatia, one of the best workshops, where we were making new friends and learning a lot of things how to become an efficient volunteer.

I'm ready to be a Volunteer!
One of the most exciting things about my EVS is having the chance to work in diverse activities, with aim to help the organization in helping the society there in a variety ways, a lot of conferences meetings by this organization to help the young people especially. I start to help the organization in designing logos, flyers and so on. We did a lot of info points to let the people, especially the young people in that small city, know more about what we are doing for helping the community and what they can do to help us too. A lot of activities happened there, one of the interesting things is starting teaching foreigner language (Arabic) for few weeks, repainting the kids garden, cleaning the beach in Zirje Island near Sibenik, planting flowers and cleaning the land near the organization on the Earth day and a lot of other things.

We did many events with young people to talk about EVS, I talked about my EVS story in the Main library in the city, and in the University of Sibenik, at the first it was hard to be accepted by the young people, but after that they welcomed it, and many of them try to search and to know more about it, how they can be a volunteer and where they can do it. As my hobby is taking photos, the organization helped me to make my first photo's exhibition in the Main library, many of local people came to it and local TV filmed it, I was really happy as I was always in that city.

THE POWER OF THE NEW AGE, was the name of  my EVS project. After 8 months I believe in the new age and their power to change the world to be a better world with peace and knowledge. My EVS just finished, I've learned a lot of things that will help me in my future life, I met new people and they became my best friends, new culture, new language and a lot of things during this period, unforgettable time, and the memory will stay forever.  

Published: Thu, 11/01/2018 - 14:54

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