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© Rusudan Datukishvili
An EVS volunteer describes her volunteering experience in Croatia

When you want something new in your life one of the best options is EVS. It´s totally changing the style of your life. You never know what to excpect exactly, the only thing you know, that there will be different people and new culture. How you will adopt a new atmosphere it is not only up to you but also on the people with whom you spend the most time there, in case of EVS this is an organization. Alfa Albona was the real host, Croatian people are very hospitable so for me the most important thing was that during this five months every member of the organization tried their best to show Croation hospitality and to support me in everything. So I am lucky to be a member of the organization, because the most important during the EVS is exactly the organization. During this time we became friends and spent a lot of our free time together, this is also the most important thing for me, because the friends of their friends soon became my friends and the chain of friendship spread in little Labin very soon, in a month I already knew a lot of people from the whole city.                                                                                                                                                              


The most important thing during EVS is a job what you do, for me working hours and tasks were great. In Georgia I work as a journalist so during the EVS I was the journalist of the organization, for projects and the Labin Art Republika festival that was held during two months in Labin. During that time, I had an opportunity to get foreign experience in the same field that will be very useful for me, besides you can develope your other skills, or if you have some hobby, organization will support you to fullfill your wishes. Also very interesting for me was projects that organization made. I had never taken part in such activities and during the projects I could see how is organized and then how are implemented. During the project you meet a lot of people from foreign countries and become friends with them and this is also the opportunity to know better other cultures and in the future visit new friends.  When you have your holidays or free time during the day, you can discover new culture and people and have good adventures with them. For me Evs was also great opportunity for travel, as I was in Croatia I had good connections to travel around the Europe, so I visited my Georgian friends in several European countries and spent unforgettable time with them. I also hosted friends from Georgia, I cant describe what a wonderful time we had all over Croatia.


EVS is a chance and period of great new life, that gives you the best memories and experience ever!!


Author: Rusudan Datukishvili, EVS volunteer in Alfa Albona

Published: Thu, 02/10/2014 - 16:00

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