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The beauty of cultural differences

There are a lot of countries in the world, lot of different cultures and habits between people but all of these brings us to the fact that we need to appreciate if someone is different from us.

Culture differences go from the traditions and habits that are set in particular community and passed from generation to generation. The differences between people and cultures are not so big if you go everywhere with open heart and positive attitude. Whenever you travel or meet someone new put an effort to find out person values, learn some new expression in foreign language, visit cultural places, try new food and these will bring you closer to see all the great things this world has to offer and in the same time it will influence on you in a positive way.


Nowadays, media have created  stereotypes about various topics which also includes stereotypes about some nations. The stereotypes that one associate among different cultures often leads to see only those things they expect to see. People all over the world have much more in common than the differences between them, and if you think a little bit more there are not some many differences between us. As we interact with each other, with different cultures we have the possibility to enrich our life and to broaden our horizons. Stereotypes have negative influences and can effect on people quality of life as well as on their behaviour. We must teach each other not to have stereotypes and to respect each other, educate ourselves about it and raise awareness.


The beauty of life it's in cultural differences. They are teaching us to value new things, different ways of life and to see world in a beautiful way of diversity. 


TIP: A great way to meet people from other cultures is through youth exchanges!


Author: Jelena Batelić, Alfa Albona

Published: Thu, 20/11/2014 - 11:37

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