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INSIDE OUT – global art project showing the world its true face

Inside Out
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INSIDE OUT - an initiative that is very appealing to all art lovers around the world. Through photographs you can express your position towards any relevant subject as well as show how different people perceive fundamental ideas.

Art…  It is quite an intimidating word. White gallery walls, substantial museum spaces can make you feel small and even uncomfortable in your own skin. Nonetheless, it can also be something that gives you comfort, helps to explore the world and share individual or collective experience. One of the best examples of latter is INSIDE OUT project.


It all started on March 2, 2011 when a street artist JR introduced his idea of changing the world through art, or in his own words: “I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we’ll turn the world… inside out.” The question is, how do you do it? 


First of all, in order to participate, there has to be a group of at least 5 people formed. Subsequently, the participants have to come up with a topic that is most relevant for them. It can be almost anything and previous projects’ themes varied from hope, diversity, gender-based violence to climate change. Once the idea of what is going to be conveyed is clear, the photographs of people (portraits) have to be taken and sent to INSIDE OUT


Consequently, the posters will be printed and sent back to the group. The next stage after receiving them is exhibiting photographs in a public place that is most suitable for the work. That space can be an abandoned building, a boat, a tree or a tent, it’s all up to you. Finally, all the projects are documented and shared through official INSIDE OUT’s channels. 


The scale of INSIDE OUT is really impressive, as nearly 200,000 people from more than 112 countries have participated already. Do not hesitate and use this great opportunity for your and your community’s voice to be heard!


Author: Carpe Diem

Julkaistu: Ti, 02/06/2015 - 13:58

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