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Bringing to success a cultural festival with a small budget

Picante Festival 2013 ( Oficial ) - Video resumen del festival-

This year, in the small town of Granada (Spain), the seventh edition of the cultural festival Picante Fest, will be held. Youth collaboration has made it become in one of the most popular festivals in the province, despite the small budget

How to start organising a cultural festival from nothing? It was one of the questions that one group of young people from Güevejar (Granada, Spain) asked themselves seven years ago. All of us were friends and also mates in a music band. And one of our deams was to play in our town in front of all our friends and family.


So we went to the city hall and explained them our desire to carry out an activity directed by young people and from which could benefit and enjoy all kind of public, older and younger. They didn’t have any problem with that, but the budget for such activity for a town so small (only 2,000 habitants) was almost none. They could only grant us a public place to do the activities and a little stereo.


So we did something that in Spain we call "The Spanish picaresca." We started calling all our contacts, friends, bands, and all the young people of the town were involved. We found some bands that were willing to play for free. We found some friends who were doing street theatre, circus, some storytelling for children. Also some dancers, graffiti writers and we made programme of activities for the whole day.


When the mayor and the other workers from the city hall saw what we were doing, they realized that it was a really good thing for the town. Lots of people from surrounding villages and the capital began to come to our festival and it was a great day full of activities, concerts, good times and also full of work. This is how our youth association was born, especially dedicated to organise the festival.


From then until today, we have continued to work every year to improve the activities, we have gotten a bigger budget and the festival has become a cultural landmark for the entire province of Granada. Last year we got an influx of people of about 4000, which is much more than the number of the people living in the town every day.


This is a proof that youth cooperation can help to improve the cultural activity in a village, however small it may be. Human resources are the best tools to work. There are many young talented people, and such activity can help them to show their work, and people who work with young people, to develop quality activities that enrich our culture and our towns and cities.


Author: Germán Gallego, EVS volunteer at Alfa Albona

Julkaistu: Ti, 28/10/2014 - 16:06

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