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Acting for the community

Acting for the community
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What is inclusion of people with fewer opportunities in our contemporary societies? How individuals and collectives have to act when faced with injustice in the local communities?

Social inclusion can be defined as “the provision of certain rights to all individuals and groups in society, such as employment, adequate housing, health care, education and training, etc.”  The first thing that we appreciate observing this definition is that social inclusion is nothing far away from our basic necessities as humans. Secondly, we can add that this concept is impregnating all the sectors of the society at the same time that is affecting differently among diverse collectives taking in consideration sex orienteation, religion, race, money, gender or nationality.


Taking “think in global, act in local” as a guiding principle, our first step is to be reliable towards ourselves and our local community. We have to take into consideration the general world perspective, but we have to act as transformation actors in our immediate surroundings, producing some - small but deep - changes in our realities. To accomplish this objective, we must assume some new habits, such as recycling, helping youth and elderly people to cope with the risk of social exclusion or assisting people in need. We can also endulge ourselves in some actions that our local NGOs are doing or we can be creators of new activities and initiatives.

Going further, when we are producing some social benefits, we can start leading our own actions, like becoming social leaders or social entrepreneurs. It is really important to be self-conscious and act as you should, to always inspire other people and not to live opposite of what you are suggesting.
The local community  always has to be in the centre of the target. We should develop projects and ideas for the community and share all the benefits within it. Only with this intension we will be able to recognise the authentic problems and to build some proposals in order to create the real solutions. 


In the end, we can say that the society transformation has to start from ourselves. When we decide to take the necessary consciousness, we can begin to create some standards of well-care society.  The changes will appear when we will work all together,  being meticulous about ourselves and developing our actions for our local community.


Written by: David Nàcher Pueyo, EVS volunteer, Alfa Albona


Paskelbta: T, 02/10/2013 - 13:58

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