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How can food connect people?!

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It does not matter what is your nationality, religion, colour of skin or background, preparation and eating of the food is something that we all have in common with one another. The sharing of food with others keeps people connecting.

Food is not only meal!


We have to eat. We like to eat. Eating makes us feel good. Food plays a significant role in our daily lives. We prepare and eat food everyday. It's necessary for our body and for our mind but food is more than nourishment. It's a way to keep in touch with people. Food recipe is the most popular topic to speak and to discuss. Competition to prepare the food became more and more popular. In every country, there are TV shows about preparing food. Every country has their own different cuisine and they are proud of it. Mostly people try to have experiments and make their own recipe. Food is art for  cooks.


Eating together with your family and with your friends is something special and important almost everyone and it's got a lot of advantages. But now I'll talk about the benefits to prepare and eat food with people from different countries.


The benefits to prepare and eat food with people from different countries

When you gather together to prepare something this is not meeting only just to eat, but to talk, to share, to discuss and to connect each other. Preparation process prompts to ask questions share character of your cultural and traditions, It's a time to talk about your experiance. Preparation of food is the process where you can be involved no matter how good you are in cooking. You can gain new skills and you can teach others too. You'll learn from one another.
Gathering around the table is also a way which connects people tightly and create memories. Having food together will help you to know each better, you'll discover new thing about them and about your skills too.  


My advice

If you want to connect with people offer them to prepare  and eat food together. Just try it and you'll see how food makes people taking.


Author: Hrisi T, EVS volunteer at YPGD

Published: Wed, 12/11/2014 - 09:58

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